Mercury in Leo from July 11th to July 27th, 2023: Top Tips for Zodiac Signs

Mercury will change its sign twice this month. From the 11th to the 27th, he will be in a pretty good position in Leo. Astrologers told how this will affect the Signs of the Zodiac and their lives.

Mercury is not only a financial planet. This is especially true of his being in Leo. It feels good in this Sign, but its effect on us is somewhat unique. Astrologers believe that this will be a rather important period in which new doors will open for you and me. Our main task is to consider new opportunities in everything that happens. The problem will be the fact that events can develop extremely rapidly. For this reason, words must be deliberate and actions decisive.


The actions of Aries do not always have expediency and validity. These are people who often act on a whim, on inspiration. They cannot be blamed for this, because such is their Fiery nature. From the 11th to the 27th, the Fire element will make itself felt even more strongly, but Mercury will help to structure it and direct it in the right direction. It is important to tell people the truth, but the most important thing is to learn to tell the truth to yourself. With a high probability, this planet will help Aries understand themselves and answer the most important existential questions.

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Taurus should act in their usual rhythm, but look at both more closely. New opportunities will appear on their way quite often, however, you will have to try to implement them. The universe, and Mercury in particular, will not play cat and mouse with riddles and puzzles. It’s just that some important things will be covered up a bit. This is a great time for a change of scenery and work on your appearance. There will probably be no better time to buy clothes and style this summer.

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Who are Gemini, if not people living to the fullest? Yes, they love life and love to spend time on fun, but while Mercury is in Leo, it’s best to also remember to save money. This does not mean that you can not spend money at all. It just needs to be done smarter. Mercury in Leo will help you make the most forced purchases, and find goods and services at deep discounts. Such “adult” shopping, when a person is engaged in the purchase of essential goods, is the best way to cheer yourself up.

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Cancers will feel the influence of Mercury a little less than people of other Signs, but it will take place – there is no doubt about it. If love triangles have recently opened in a relationship, Mercury in Leo will help Cancers “close” them. There will be nothing that can somehow prevent Cancers from sorting out their feelings and bringing their soulmate to a frank conversation. To do this, you just need to be kinder and not try to arrange an interrogation out of the conversation. It is vital for people of this Sign to become diplomatic.


Leos will get a lot of useful things from finding Mercury in their Sign: motivation, strength, and charisma. The energy fed by the planet will make these people smarter, give them endurance and the ability to find solutions to the most difficult problems. Also, Mercury in Leo will help to get rid of illusions, which is extremely important. Leos often have their heads in the clouds and think they are perfect. The energy of the planet will bring them down from heaven to earth but will do it very carefully and gently. The Lions will understand that they were mistaken in something very important, but it turns out that they will take a step back or to the side in time.


Virgos like strong Mercury, no matter what Sign it is in, because this is their main patron. They will become better in every sense – smarter, more charismatic, more attentive, and stronger as individuals. Their time begins when it will be possible to begin to engage in extremely important and responsible matters. Astrologers strongly recommend spending time on something that cannot be postponed until later, if Virgos have been lazy lately (this is unlikely, but this is possible), then the planet will help them pull themselves together, and gain motivation.

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Libra can and will even need to engage in introspection. Mercury will help these people to understand what were the main mistakes of the coming days and weeks. Libra will be able to open their eyes to everything that happens and understand where they need to push it, and where to “let go of the gas”. At the same time, Mercury will teach them not to go to extremes, which is also extremely important for people of this Air Sign. Libra will be able to do one thing and choose this activity already on the 11th-12th. They are more likely to prioritize and also understand what they need to do next in life.


Smart, kind, wise – these are all words. Describing Scorpions in the next two weeks. To all those who are deprived of this, Mercury will help to find it. Unfortunately, Scorpios can still fall into the trap of someone else’s influence, which will set them back and prevent them from taking a single step forward. You need to think with your own head, and it is also very reasonable to accept someone else’s help, ignoring and throwing out of life people who impose their point of view, preventing Scorpions from developing their vision of the world, fate, and life. You need to be close to nice and kind people.

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Sagittarius, like many other people of other Signs, will be able to find love and just make new useful acquaintances. The positive result of their deeds and projects will be seen in the near future. Mercury will help all people born under the control of this Sign to find out where the “dog is buried.” This is a period of creative upsurge, which Sagittarius will be able to realize one hundred percent if they are not lazy. Mercury will not help them overcome laziness, but it will direct them along the path that is the least destructive.

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Capricorns will stop pestering a bunch of bad thoughts, provoked by Mercury in the Sign of Cancer. In Leo, the planet will become more positive. Nothing will distract the people of this Sign from their affairs and worries. They will be able to get ahead in the business field, as well as succeed in love. It will be easier for these people to express their thoughts and feelings, which is very good because most Capricorns most likely had some problems with this before. People will better understand them, feel them and make their decisions, whatever they may be.

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Aquarians should be wary of three things: idleness, despondency, and inaction. No enemy can give them as many problems as these flaws can deliver. Yes, sometimes we want to have fun. This can and should be done, but you should not go too far, having fun to the detriment of finances and work. Sometimes we get discouraged, but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as we fight it. Inaction can also be forced, especially if it is important to wait for the moment and not rush. Now is the time when rushing can be extremely frustrating.


Pisces during the passage of Mercury through the Sign of Leo will be able to move mountains where yesterday they would have accepted defeat and simply surrendered. This is the perfect time to work, to try to make your life better, more enjoyable. You can do repairs, moving, and cleaning. The most important thing is to do what you want. Duties also need to be fulfilled, but they need to be diluted with those things that really give pleasure. Pisces may also begin to worry about issues that previously did not bother them at all. You shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Each Sign of the Zodiac has its own energy characteristics. Each of us reacts in our own way to a change in the position of a particular planet, so you should always remember that something unpredictable can happen. Experts note that Mercury in Leo is somewhat unpredictable. Get ready for it.

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