Meditation: essence and meaning

We most often associate the term “meditation” with a person who sits in complete solitude in the lotus position. What is he feeling at the moment? What feelings does he have? Why does he need this?

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First, you need to understand the meaning and content of this lesson. Meditating means throwing away all emotions, and thoughts and completely immersing yourself in your consciousness. As a rule, the concentration of your body and thoughts should be focused on a specific subject. For example, it could be fire, music, ambient sounds, or your breathing.

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Meditation will help you control your emotional state when necessary. In addition, meditation allows you to understand everything that is happening differently, helps eliminate complexes, and increases self-esteem. Classes help you find a way not only to mental balance but also to the proper organization of your day. Meditation also helps to gain energy and even helps treat many diseases.

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Anyone can learn to meditate. The main thing is to understand for yourself why this is necessary and what results you can expect. Probably each of us has ever fallen into a kind of trance for a few seconds. For example, looking out the window or listening to music. At this moment, we, without knowing it, are meditating: we don’t feel, hear, or see anything. This happens unconsciously and, sometimes, not at the moment when such a state is necessary. How can we fall into a meditative trance exactly when we want it?

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The first time, it may not work. Some people spend quite a lot of time completely relaxing and immersing themselves in their consciousness. To learn the basic rules of meditation, it is necessary to take into account several important factors that influence complete relaxation and withdrawal from the outside world.

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First, you need to find an object that will serve as a subject for concentration. It could be anything: a fly on the ceiling, a candle, etc. The object can also be internal: breathing or heartbeat. Secondly, before you are ready to enter your consciousness, you need to decide on a pose for meditation. Postures can be completely different: lying on your back, sitting, standing. The main thing when choosing a position is convenience. Thirdly, meditation classes should take place in a place where you can fully concentrate and relax. To completely cut yourself off from the outside world, all those places where you might be disturbed must be excluded in advance. Extra sounds, people, animals – all this can interfere with concentration.

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Once you can learn to easily fall into a meditative state, withdrawing from the outside world and focusing on an object will become possible anywhere and at any time. Daily exercises will help you find harmony with yourself, with the world around you, and with people.

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