Mars in the Sign of Virgo from July 10th to August 26th: how the energy of this planet will change our mood

The Red Planet has a very important and strong energy that can become a faithful companion for us in trying to change our lives. Astrologers have told us what exactly will happen to Mars from July 10th to August 26th.

It should be noted right away that there will be a decline in the beneficial influence of the planet on our lives and inner world, however, Mars will not completely lose its positive energy. Its flow as it passes through the Sign of Virgo will be more stable and understandable. Few things will make you and I lose touch with the center of the abundance of the universe, but experts in the field of astrology strongly advise you to write down all your important thoughts and tasks so that this channel of communication does not collapse due to a lack of goals and motivation.

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This will be the perfect time for introspection

Strong Mars in Leo makes it so that you and I sometimes do not notice our flaws while maintaining confidence. It turns out that this confidence is false, but with the coming to power of the elements of the Earth in the person of Virgo, the situation will change dramatically. Mars in this Sign will try to make sure that our confidence is based on some grounds, and not just something feigned, far-fetched.

Mars will help you and me choose the right path, start moving towards goals, overcome empty fears, and work through those that really exist. The red planet will make sure that we stop lying to ourselves. We will be able to open our eyes and see what we are doing wrong and what we do best. We will be able to analyze mistakes and learn to believe in ourselves, as well as make decisions based on facts, not empty guesses.

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Finding Integrity and Honesty

Mars usually does not pay attention to these indicators and character traits, but during its stay in Virgo, the red planet will try to make honesty and decency begin to prevail over rudeness and an irresistible passion for profit, wealth, and abundance.

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Mars in Virgo will not mind if you and I become more calm, and also use more diplomatic methods of influencing other people. This is very important because it is not always necessary to use brute force. Sometimes it is important to use intelligence, cunning, and diplomacy. Mars in Virgo will be happy if we try to follow a creative path, or at least a path devoid of aggression.

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Decreased selfishness

Mars in Leo is the abode of selfishness, but in Virgo, this planet will want to see something different in you and me. The red planet will want people to help each other. This is not about total self-sacrifice but about something like a joint effort, moderate kindness. We must not forget about our own goals and desires. An attempt to completely dissolve in the affairs and problems of children, friends, soulmates, and parents will lead to total devastation in their own projects and affairs.

We need to look for a balance. It is this word that can best describe the presence of Mars in the Sign of Virgo. This is a time of balance and moderation. Make your life the realm of “universality” – relax, spend money on yourself and on work, promote your business, and devote time to learning. Everything will be fine as long as you don’t get caught up in one thing.

It will be possible to travel since most of the time Mars will be assisted by Mercury. These two planets will blend very well together, creating ideal conditions for business trips, looking for a new job, and starting a new business. The importance of your affairs should not be dictated by external factors but by your own desires.

We wish you good luck in this seemingly normal and measured time. Remember that Mars in Virgo knows how to make surprises and turn the ordinary into a series of incredible events. Astrologers advised to stop looking for excuses for their mistakes. Start working on yourself.

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