Lunar calendar of indoor plants for July 2023

Mid-summer is a fertile time for all plants. Florists know that in July it is important to give indoor flowers maximum sunlight and fresh air in order to grow a beautiful garden. With the recommendations of the lunar calendar, everyone will be able to transplant plants on time and take care of their plantings.

Any plants require care, but not all days are suitable for active work both in the winter garden and in the beds. Experts recommend learning about the moon’s mood in advance so as not to harm your plantings and grow excellent flowers and crops, take care of their protection, and prevent bogging down.

Plant care days

July 3, 4: the Moon will spend a couple of days in the constellation Capricorn. This time is unfortunate for active work with plants due to the New Moon on the 3rd. During this period, the plants are given a rest and only make sure that the soil does not dry out, and that the aggressive rays of the sun do not burn the tender shoots and buds.

July 9, 10: the night luminary is decreasing in the constellation Aries, which means that the time has come for the prevention and treatment of plants. These days they are treated with gentle means, and also fed with mineral complexes for proper growth and development. Transplanting, pruning, and cuttings during this period can harm the flowers.

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July 13, 14, 15: The moon continues to decrease, moving into the constellation Gemini. This period is good for loosening the soil, watering, and harvesting. Plants try to disturb less so as not to infect and damage the stems with roots. The days are also good for hardening indoor plants, but it is important to place them so that direct sunlight does not cause discomfort to the flowers.

July 18, 19, 20: the beginning of its growth, the Moon will spend in the constellation Leo. An infertile Sign is not suitable for the active development of flowers, so planting, as well as planting new plants, is not suitable. It would be appropriate during this period to take care of sufficient lighting, watering, and careful loosening of the soil.

July 21, 22: The moon is growing in the constellation Virgo, but this period is not favorable for active work with the roots. These days, the flowers are provided with peace and only a little fertilizer, if necessary. You can sow the seeds of annual flowers in front of the house, as well as grow greens for salads on the windowsill.

July 26, 27: the growing Moon in Scorpio will stay for a couple of days, during which the plants are provided with only timely watering. It would be appropriate to tie vines and a warm shower for broadleaf plants. This procedure will save the flowers from accumulated dust and help them properly form shoots.

July 28, 29: The Moon in Sagittarius continues its growth. During this period, flower growers will be able to select new pots and flowerpots, prepare fertile soil for future transplants, and treat existing plants from pests or diseases. The winter garden does not require active care.

Favorable time for transplanting plants

July 1, 2: The rise of the Moon ends in the constellation Sagittarius. The active phase of the night star is suitable for transplanting and quickly rooting new plants. You can plant seeds and legumes these days to get not only bright flowers but also a good harvest on the windowsill.

July 5, 6: The waning moon will spend these days in the constellation Aquarius. Transplantation of plants is carried out by transshipment, so as not to damage the new roots. These days, you can also take cuttings to get new shoots of plants and flowers. It will be appropriate to soak the seeds to get strong seedlings.

July 7, 8: The moon in the constellation Pisces is a great time to take care of the plants. Overgrown flowers are transplanted, and they are also engaged in planting new plants, planting rooted shoots. During this period, you can also plant vegetables to get an additional source of vitamins.

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July 11, 12: The moon is waning, moving into the constellation Taurus. The energy of this union is great for replanting plants, as well as thinking about purchasing indoor flowers that attract happiness and prosperity to the house. Bright and unusual pots will decorate the interior, and living plants will add comfort and improve the microclimate of the home.

July 16, 17: The waning Moon in Cancer is a great time for plant transplants. During this period, flowers can be planted, as well as shoots rooted and seeds of flowers and vegetables can be sown.

July 23, 24, and 25: Moon in Libra is a great time to get busy repotting your favorite houseplants. New bright pots and planters will add zest to the interior, and the flowers will be able to continue their growth and development in spacious containers with good and nutritious soil. You can make it yourself or buy ready-made raw materials in flower shops.

July 30, 31: The waxing Moon will spend the last days of July in the constellation Capricorn. The energy of this union is favorable not only for transplanting plants, but also for planting seeds, herbs, and vegetables. It will be appropriate to grow vegetables on balconies if you choose the right varieties. In this case, the plants will not take up much space, but they will provide a good harvest.

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