Love horoscope for the week from 17th to 23rd July, 2023: relationships will be hard to keep!

Love conquers fear, and problems and gives happiness. It cannot be begged or begged for. She comes by herself, and sometimes quite unexpectedly. A love horoscope will give a chance to predict and bring her appearance closer, as well as to preserve existing feelings, strengthening them.

Ahead is the time of love, even though many of us can hardly believe it: the weather is not the most pleasant, but the mood of the planets is still quite conducive to romance and communication. Mercury has strengthened, but Venus begins a retro-motion on Sunday. This means that you need to prepare for the beginning of not the easiest period in love. You can’t lose optimism, especially on weekends. It will be very useful to use talismans to enhance intuition. The sixth sense should work wonders now, especially in amorous affairs.


Aries should stop fantasizing and dreaming about love and start to act. Mercury in Leo will give real chances for the speedy acquisition of personal happiness. Now you definitely should not look for love where it is not, and also connect your life with those whom Aries do not know well enough. It is also not advisable to attribute fictional qualities to a person who is kind and sympathetic toward them. This is probably all you need to remember. If there is discord in the family, then it is time to fix everything. In this regard, rituals from quarrels will be useful.

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Astrologers and experts from advise Taurus to follow the voice of their hearts. Intuition will tell you where there are chances for happiness, and where they are not and cannot be. Taurus are often referred to as greedy Zodiac Signs, which is not far from the truth, but this week they should work on themselves, and better. This does not mean that you need to give all your money to your soulmate or spend money on expensive dates. Love does not require large investments, but time does. If the second half of the person you like wants attention and care, you need to give it to them.

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Gemini, being a mutable sign, can perfectly adapt to any conditions. This week they need to use this skill to one hundred percent. It is possible that events will change very often, but Gemini will be able to cope with any difficulties because Mercury is on their side. In order for love to change, you need to do something: take the initiative, make a date, and be close to your loved one. Now is the best time to remind yourself about your love or confess it.

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If Cancers have no desire to change something in love, then this does not mean that you can just go about your business. Now it is important to do something paired with a loved one. Lonely Cancers can devote their free time to flirting and looking for relationships. In this regard,  techniques will be useful to quickly win over any person. You can take love into the background so that it becomes something like an emotional feed for work. Astrologers advise you to remain open and sincere to your loved one and to those who like lonely Cancers.


If personal relationships fit into Leo’s plans, then there is no need to miss the chance to improve them, and if not, then there is no need to rush – there will be better opportunities ahead. However, the time for activity in love is not the most favorable, so you will have to postpone increased attention to people until mid-August. Leos need to be mindful of their best and worst traits. This will help them perceive reality objectively. Lonely Leos can arrange a personal life, but there is no need to rush things.


The personal life of Virgo will be interesting and truly magical. It is possible that everything else will fade into the background. Now, for the sake of love, you can cancel all your plans, just to be close to your loved one. However, with such sacrifice, it is better to be careful. It is not necessary to rush into feelings with your head: you can just make sure that there are more communication and romantic meetings in life. Virgos are typical zodiac choleric people, but this week they will become soft and very romantic. This is their time to act.

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Libra should remember that there can be problems in love because of envious people. The scales that raised the bar should lower it. The coming week will pass without any special innovations, but it will be full of kindness, affection, care, and love from the partner. Now you should focus on strengthening the relationship, even if it pulls you in a completely opposite direction. The desire to get everything immediately will lead to mistakes in the search for love. The same applies to excessive amorousness and gullibility.


Scorpios can lose their heads in love, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It is important not to part with reality while doing important things. Scorpios need to be wiser and more careful so as not to offend their soulmate inadvertently. Astrologers note that this is a wonderful time to strengthen and find love, as well as fight jealousy and insecurities. This is a good time to connect with loved ones.

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Archers will be on top. These are perhaps the most charismatic and charming people of this period, along with Gemini and Virgo. Astrologers advise them to enhance their aura and attractiveness through the use of flowers that attract love luck. I need to wear clothes like this more often. The Universe has prepared a lot of interesting things for Sagittarius. You need to be more attentive to her tips. Anyone who is already in a relationship should remember that now is not the best time for spontaneity. You need to let the relationship get stronger, insist. Lonely Sagittarians can openly flirt.

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Capricorns should be aware of their most common relationship mistakes. Now it’s better for them not to let them. For those who nevertheless made a mistake, it is better to admit guilt as soon as possible and correct, it because next week the second half will no longer perceive this correctly. The personal life of Capricorns during these seven days can be accompanied by intense emotions. An irresistible desire to fit the whole world to your ideal will not bring anything good. Astrologers offer to relax and pull yourself together, tune in to order and mutual understanding.

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Single Aquarians will find it much easier to get to know people this week. For everyone who is looking for a serious relationship, it is important to remember the signs that this or that person is bestowed by fate itself. This will help you find someone with whom the relationship will really be successful and enjoyable. Do not worry about trifles for those who will experience difficulties in love. Of course, this may not be trifles at all, but by the weekend, Aquarians will realize that they were wrong about this. Astrologers advise getting rid of anxiety in advance.


Pisces will be extremely emotional. They need to quickly throw out pent-up emotions, but not on a partner. You can go in for sports or your favorite hobby. Relationships should get stronger this week, so it’s best to avoid scenes of jealousy and swearing. Astrologers advise remembering types of energetically dangerous relationships. Pisces that are in just such a relationship will be able to get rid of them. The personal life of Pisces will be of interest to strangers. You don’t have to reveal all your secrets to the public. You need to be silent about what is happening in the relationship.

This week, narcissistic Zodiac Signs should become more open and kind towards others. This is very important because excessive selfishness is not worth it. It is important to be kinder and more attentive to those who love you. Good luck and fair love wind.

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