Love code: your perfect soulmate using numerology

Numerology is the oldest science that can answer many questions of interest to us with the help of numbers. Experts told how to find the perfect couple, knowing the date of birth and the name of the person.

A very important assistant in love is intuition. Try to strengthen it with useful talismans and exercises. Where you can turn to numerology for help, you definitely need to do this, because numbers do not lie.

Numerological calculations

Let’s say you know the name and date of birth of a person. You can easily check numerological compatibility in love. Let’s say the name of the person you like is Rob, and his date of birth is 01/26/1990. First, you need to convert the letters of the name into numbers. To do this, use the following table:

We get: “R” – 9, “O” -6, “B” – 2. Now you need to translate your letter’s name to numbers. For example, your name is Inna: “I” – 9, “N” – 5, “N” – 5, “A” – 1, and the date of birth is 12/09/1991. It remains to add all the numbers of names with the numbers of dates of birth:

  • 9+6+2+2+6+0+1+1+9+9+0=45
  • 9+5+5+1+0+9+1+2+1+9+9+1=46

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52+45=97. In numerology, it is customary to operate only with numbers from 1 to 9, so you need to add the resulting numbers until you get a number from this range. 9+7=16; 1+6=7. We get the compatibility number 7. It remains to decipher it.

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Deciphering your love code

Number  One. Your couple is perfect. A bright and positive relationship awaits you. We just need to be closer to each other. This code of love is one of the most positive. If you’re not in a relationship yet, you should start one.

Number  Two. In such a relationship there will be a lot of coolness and selfishness. Most likely, you are too different to build a strong family. Nevertheless, if at least one of the people will meet the other, the chances of success will increase many times over.

Number  Three. The number 3 in the calculations is obtained from those whose union is blessed by the Universe. Such a code of love indicates that the relationship has the right to life. They will have a lot of luck and they will help solve the karmic problems of lovers. Spiritual connection in such a pair will grow from year to year.

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Number  Four. The number 4 in numerology is a symbol of equality and harmony. This means that in the relationship of such people calm reigns and there are very few quarrels. Such love lives for a very long time but is devoid of vivid emotions, both positive and negative.

Number  Five. The number 5 is a symbol of achieving goals. As soon as such a pair reaches certain peaks, it begins to move towards other goals. This is a very rewarding relationship in which people learn a lot from each other. Such love is fueled by the energy of optimism.

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Number  Six. In such relationships, there is empathy, a deep spiritual connection, and a desire to overcome their weaknesses. People develop and become better when their relationship is ruled by the number 6.

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Number  Seven. Such a code of love indicates perfect compatibility – spiritual, physical, and emotional. In such relationships, people often become very happy.

Number  Eight. There will be a lot of financial luck in such a relationship. To achieve harmony and happiness, experts advise you not to focus too much on work and pay more attention to each other.

Number Nine. In relationships ruled by the Nine, people often misprioritize, for which they pay with good luck. In order for love to become positive and have a beneficial effect on lovers, they need to listen to each other’s opinions more often.

You can also check compatibility using divination or a technique called Pythagorean square. Try not to forget that other people’s advice sometimes only interferes with building strong relationships. Use your inner voice and common sense.

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