Letting go is the happiness of the strong, keeping locked up is the torment of the weak

Letting go is the happiness of the strong, keeping locked up is the torment of the weak. A self-sufficient person does not require anyone to make him happy …

The title of the article contains a quote from the poetess Veronika Tushnova. It often happens that a person has long ago come to the conclusion that it is necessary to let go, it is time to let go. It’s just that he is confused and feels that he lacks clarity, strength, and motivation to let go completely.

In order to help yourself make the final decision, in order to stop torturing yourself, it is important to remind yourself of the position of an adult, of the position of responsibility for your life.

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“Letting go is the happiness of the strong.”

Happiness is to live in harmony, comfort, and peace with yourself. When you are easy, calm when your actions are conscious. A strong and self-sufficient person does not require anyone to make him happy, he does not blame anyone for his misfortune.

He says goodbye to what torments him. He lets go of what he cannot influence.

“To keep locked up is the torment of the weak.”

Locking up is, ignoring reality, trying to hold on to what you have mistakenly thought to be the source of your happiness. If this person does not strive for you and does not love you, then by taking pity, pressure, threats, or persuasion, maybe you can keep him or her in a cage and keep him for a while, but do you need the illusion of happiness in a cage?

A weak person refuses to accept reality, accept the facts and go into the temporary pain that separation, leaving, and building a new life brings.

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1. A strong person fights where there is a sense of struggle.

If you have already done everything you can to maintain and maintain these relationships, but this did not bring results, then what is the point of doing the impossible? And for what?

A weak person clings to some idea, to a false hope, ignoring the whole situation.

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2. What are you trying to keep and why?

By themselves, the phrases “trying to hold on”, and “not letting go” are already somehow incompatible with the theme of happiness and enjoyment of life. It is also worth looking realistically at the portrait of this person, at an objective picture of the relationship with him or her.

Where are the dreams of an ideal relationship, and where is the relationship with this person in fact?

What is this person’s attitude to what is happening?

3. Do your best to be happy

Without reference to the topic: “Happiness is possible only next to this person, only in these relationships.”

It is better to take care of your happiness in general, focus on this. Surely, in your life, there are those areas, and directions, to which it is worth making efforts.

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4. Do not cling and do not go in cycles

It is important to tune in that in any case you will give yourself and create that interesting and joyful life that you need.

The happiness of the strong is in the hands of these people. It does not depend on the fact that someone does not want to be with them together. They are not attached to it and are not obsessed with it.

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