Karma by date of birth: find out your destiny and future

By date of birth we can find out our karma and what awaits us in the future, for what reason our fate turns out this way and not otherwise. A simple calculation will help determine this.

There are effective ways to change fate and clear karma. They will help only those who are confident that the Universe is trying to lead them on the right path, to teach them something important. Do not confuse a simple black streak with karmic problems.

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Calculation of karmic number

It is believed that people get their date of birth for a reason. Numbers play a special role in our world; they can reveal to us the secrets of our destiny. Numerology is directly related to karma.

To calculate your destiny number, you only need your date of birth. For example, 03/12/1991.

First step: multiply the day, month and year. 12*3*1991=71676.

Second step: add the digits of the resulting number until you get a number from the segment from 1 to 9. 7+1+6+7+6=27. 2+7=9. This is the desired karmic number.

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Decoding the numbers of fate

One. Those born under the auspices of the One are called upon to help other people. Only in this way can you clear your karma and start living correctly. If your number is 1, then the first priority is to fight selfishness and jealousy.

Two. If the Universe has chosen Two as your number, then you should be careful in communicating with other people. Even if you think that you have found a soul mate who you can trust in everything, it is advisable to keep some secrets to yourself. In your past life, you have repeatedly suffered from gossip.

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Three. In past lives, you often achieved success at the expense of others. You could manipulate people, make them feel uncomfortable. Now your destiny is to selflessly help others. If you do not accept it, a series of problems may begin in life.

Four. Karmic number 4 indicates that your destiny is all-round development. You may have been lazy a lot in past lives, but now the Universe wants you to fix it. Don’t stop learning, strive for something more.

Five. Number Five means that you should not waste your time. It is important to choose one direction in life and follow it. Perhaps great love or untold riches await you, or perhaps it will be spiritual enlightenment. Follow your intuition.

Six. Your karma is positive, so most of your problems, if any, are due to insecurity. You are free to choose any path in life: the Universe will not create obstacles.

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Seven . Seven is the number of a sober mind and pure consciousness. The Universe advises you to get rid of bad habits, including negative feelings and emotions. If you don’t do this, you may face huge problems in the future. Envy occupies a special place, and five effective ways will help you get rid of it .

Eight. The number Eight is a symbol of obsession. The Universe is trying to confront you with problems that have no quick solution. Because of this, anger, uncertainty and negativity accumulate in you. To prevent this from happening, you need to be able to abstract yourself from problems and accept defeat. Vanity and pride are your main enemies.

Nine. The number Nine inclines a person to search for friends and a soul mate, but it is important not to forget about your calling. Develop your natural talents and appreciate the moments when you can fully devote yourself to what you love. Finding use for your abilities will make you a happy person.

Very often people are hindered by negative attitudes, not karma. You shouldn’t explain all your problems as karmic problems, because often people themselves are to blame for the fact that luck turns away from them. Believe in yourself, communicate with good people, set a specific goal – and you will notice how life changes for the better.

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