Jewelry that bring only misfortune

There is jewelry that is the most powerful amulets and talismans. There are also those things that bring nothing but problems and unhappiness into your life. You should get rid of them as soon as possible.

You can turn an ordinary decoration into a strong talisman, but it is more difficult to cleanse an object that brings misfortune from negative energy. That is why experts recommend staying away from everything that carries only problems and negative energy.

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Artificial jewelry

We are talking, for example, about cheap decorations made of acrylic or plastic, or glass. These are lifeless materials that give you absolutely nothing. Some experts even believe that these materials, on the contrary, take energy.

If you do not want to spend money on a diamond ring, then you can buy jewelry made of wood, mother-of-pearl, and silver accessories. Wood is a natural material that gives vitality to its owner. Do not buy jewelry made from strange metal alloys either, as they can be corny and harmful to the skin. They are also energetically useless.

Artificial decorations for the home are also included in this group. It is worth remembering artificial plastic flowers and fruits. It is better to throw them away or remove them from your eyes, because they also absorb positive energy, depriving the household of a good mood.

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Jewelry that didn’t belong to you

This includes products that you inherited from relatives about which you know nothing. If you start wearing them, then this can negatively affect your own destiny, because these jewelry are energetically connected with another person. Moreover, if this person is not alive, it is not at all better to keep them close to you and to the place where you sleep.

Found items. This includes those decorations that you find on the street. You don’t know anything about them. These can be charmed objects through which people get rid of damage. They cause illness, and failure, depriving a person of vital energy. Try not to lift anything outside.

Jewelry from the pawnshop. Here you can draw an analogy with the found objects. Moreover, think for yourself what kind of energy things can have that someone has consciously abandoned. They are definitely saturated with bad energy, which will lead to nothing good and are no better than finds that cannot be picked up.

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Jewelry gifted by ill-wishers

Very often we communicate with someone whom we do not like and who does not love us. Two people who actually hate each other can calmly say hello, see each other from time to time, and even give each other gifts. If such a person gives you jewelry, then you should not wear it.

Most likely, he gave it to you with negative emotions, so the thing is negatively charged. It will bring bad luck, and putting it on, you will feel not in the best way, as if something is pressing on you and preventing you from enjoying life.

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Such decorations do not need to be given back – they can be placed at home in a place closed from the eyes, away from the bedroom and kitchen. There, these things can lie for a long time, gradually being cleansed, or you can melt them into something new. In this case, it is worth mixing gold or another metal with metal from your personal stocks. If there were stones in the product, they can be sold or re-sent to another accessory.

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Any low-quality jewelry of unknown origin

If you have any doubts about where these jewelry came from, it is better not to buy them. Of course, the most expensive rings and pendants, earrings and bracelets can also carry danger, but usually something cheap is much more dangerous.

Do not buy jewelry in dubious places and from dubious people. In addition, you can always try to put on a ring or just hold in your hands what you want to buy. Try to feel what energy comes from the product. If you are uncomfortable, then it is better not to buy it. Listen to your inner voice – it will definitely not deceive you at such moments.

The most common jewelry is rings. It is worth being careful even with those products that are definitely not cursed and carry only good. I advise you to get acquainted with which fingers it is forbidden to wear rings on .

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