Is there a future for relationships? Simple numerological calculation will help to find it out

All couples in love want to know what awaits them in the future, whether they have a chance to live together all their lives. Numerology can easily answer these questions. Experts told me how to make a simple calculation for compatibility.

There are many compatibility checks: by Zodiac sign, by name. Numbers will give one of the most accurate answers to this question, so do not underestimate the technique described below.

Numerological calculation

All you need to know is birthdays and lovers’ names. For example, let’s take the simple names, Amy and Tod. The dates of birth will be 07/01/1990 and 06/14/1984.

To begin with, we will need to translate the letters of the names into numbers. To do this, use a simple table:

We get that the name Amy has the digital code “1, 4, 7”, and Tod has the code “2, 6, 4”. Now we just add together the numbers of names and the numbers of dates of birth. We get 1+4+7+2+6+4+0+7+0+1+1+9+9+0+0+6+1+4+1+9+8+4= 84. In numerology, only numbers from 1 to 9 matter, so we need to get such a number. We add the numbers until we get a number from the required range: 8 + 54= 12. We repeat the procedure: 1+2=3. The final number is 3. Now you need to decipher it

Interpretation of compatibility numbers

One. Your relationship definitely has a future, and quite rich, bright, and very positive. You should hold on to each other. Don’t let people influence your choice. Such a union is blessed by the Universe itself.

Two. The number 2 in the calculations is obtained for those who will find it difficult to live together in the future. Basically, the main problem of such relationships is selfishness. In order for such love to live as long as possible, lovers should devote more time to solving not personal, but common problems.

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Three. The number of good luck, spiritual enlightenment, and bright destiny. If it fell out for you, then the experts of the website advise you not to be afraid of difficulties. Most likely, such relationships are karmic, but without a negative component. They are designed to teach people something new, to make them stronger.

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Four. Such relationships take place under the auspices of all four elements. This means that they are extremely harmonious and filled with sincerity. It is believed that such love will be long-lasting, and it will also have a very good effect on a man and a woman spiritually. They will be able to find new goals in life, to become better.

Five. The number 5 indicates that the relationship definitely has a future. There is every chance that people will be able to find an approach to each other. The main enemy of such love is haste. There is no need to rush to take the relationship to a new level, with the wedding. Let everything flow smoothly, so as not to disturb peace.

Six. The number 6 in numerology represents creativity. With a high probability, your love will be bright, but fleeting. It will be difficult to make a long-lasting and happy marriage out of it. To do this, you will have to work hard and come to some agreements, compromises.


Seven. If you got the number 7, then your love is real and strong. The fire of passion between you can constantly flare up and go out, but the spiritual attachment will be very strong for many years. Hold on to each other, because you are created for such a union.

Eight. The number 8 is a financial talisman. In such a relationship, it will be quite difficult for people to focus on the spiritual component. They will constantly put money or success first. More precisely, they will have a certain tendency to this, which is not easy to defeat, but possible.

Nine. In such a relationship, empty promises are strictly contraindicated. Lovers should not turn off rational thinking. These people will be able to discover new facets of love and learn something useful. Maintaining intimacy and passion will be quite difficult.

Whatever your compatibility, you can always strengthen the relationship. To do this, you need to strengthen the spiritual connection. There are at least six ways to take your spiritual connection with your loved one to the next level.

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