In these powerful days in April 2024 you’ll be able to change your life for better!

Days of power are the most favorable days of February. I will tell you which days of the passing winter can be considered the most productive and positive. Try to plan things correctly these days.

April 4th – mirror date

This will be one of the most balanced days of the year. On the 4th of this month, you will be able to do whatever you want and do it without any complications. On this day all doors will be open to us. Four will help you get rid of bad memories and become what you have long dreamed of, or take the first step towards this. Believe in yourself and remember. That on April 4th you are free to do what can make you or your loved ones happier.

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April 21st—Squaring the Sun and Pluto

This will be a very, very emotional day (in a good way) due to the participation in the harmonious aspect of the Sun. Quadrature does not particularly stand out against the background of other aspects, but if distant objects are involved in this aspect, then it is extremely important. This is a day of kindness, caring, positivity, mutual assistance, and increased communication. People will communicate more and become more open to each other. Take advantage of this to make peace with someone become closer, or find a soul mate and new friends.

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April 26th is the day of the beginning of the direct movement of Mercury

On this day, Mercury will return to direct motion, completing the retrograde phase. This day will be extremely favorable for many of us. The financial sector will flourish and begin to bring positive emotions to many of us again. The main thing on this day is not to be lazy and be open to new acquaintances and to the search for inspiration.

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April 29th — Venus moves into the Sign of Taurus

The second house of the horoscope, represented by Taurus, is most often responsible for the sphere of money, success and financial luck, property, and human secrets. Venus is not particularly connected with all this, but it will give us all the strength to start moving towards our dreams. This day in particular and the next couple of weeks after it, you and I will be very, very strong and resilient. Also, April 29th can be called the day of love. Our energy sector will grow significantly.

It is believed that on days of strength, it is important to focus your thoughts on what will happen in the future, and not on what happened in the past. Don’t get discouraged and don’t allow yourself to think about anything negative. Let only happiness and love illuminate your life. These days will help you program your energy for success and achieve your goals. On days of strength, you should not put yourself in limits or create obstacles to your development. These are the days when there are no restrictions before us.

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