If a man thinks he has a problem, then he goes out of his way

Women have problems, and men have unpleasant temporary inconsistencies. What didn’t kill the man made him stronger. It is a fact. And it is difficult for fate to kill him, as practice shows. Usually, men break themselves. First of all, inside…

If a man thinks that he has some problems, then he goes out of the way of the man. A man can only have difficulties, he cannot have problems. Women have problems, and men have unpleasant temporary inconsistencies. When he overcomes these difficulties, he becomes stronger. What didn’t kill the man made him stronger. It is a fact. And it is difficult for fate to kill him, as practice shows. We have to try harder. Usually, men break themselves. First of all from the inside.

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Of course, there may be some really difficult periods, there may be real failures and losses. But this is a material world, everyone has difficulties in one form or another. Show me someone who has had chocolate and cream all his life. That doesn’t happen. The ability to perceive failure correctly is what distinguishes a person with a good perspective.

This is a characteristic of a person who has a stable, real philosophy. For one beaten they give two unbeaten. Why do they say so? Because when a man has learned to take a punch (in the good sense of the word), he acquires real fighting qualities of character. To hold the blows of fate – in the first place, betrayal from people – in the second place, and the ability to defend oneself from destructive desires from within – in the third.

Problems overwhelm only women. Their psyche is so arranged. Therefore, they need to be helped in the family. She can’t do it alone. Sometimes she can feel unloved and unwanted. It’s like a fast-moving disease, knocked down at the root. It’s like a twisted ankle. Crunch – and no strength. I lie down and cry. And it is at this moment that she so needs the support of her husband. And not stupidly cruel: “Get up, why are you lying down !?”

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Actually, you don’t need so much: hug, stroke, give a flower, say kind words, distract, just be around, but don’t leave, don’t ignore! You can’t say: “Calm down, all these problems of yours are sucked out of your finger, these are inventions out of the blue. I have a lot of real problems here.” Women perceive this as an insult, for them it means that you spat on her and said: “I don’t love you, you are no longer interesting to me, indifferent, alien.” It’s like leaving a sick person to die. It’s like leaving a partner in the mountains with a broken leg, let him die alone and not spoil my mood with his moans.

Sometimes you need to rest and overcome temporary difficulties, put a friend on your shoulders, and drag him a couple of kilometers to the base camp, without thinking too much about yourself, in order to save his life.

Sometimes you just need to hug, stroke, give a flower, say kind words, distract, stay close, and look warmly in the eyes. Sometimes even this is already enough for her to begin to breathe more freely so that the pain will let go.

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The family is a joint work of both men and women, but partnerships are, sadly, rare. Much more often, unfortunately, this is either cruel exploitation or shameful manipulation. But the family presupposes sacrificial love. It provides the ability to listen to a loved one, to sacrifice something for him. Become the wings of the only one, and be the source of joy for the beloved.

Male – Jan. Feminine – Ying. One without the other is flawed, defective, wrong, and inharmonious in the end. We are born, we are conceived so not by chance. One complements the other. One imperceptibly passes into another … After all, there is no competition. There are two worlds. There is connection and cooperation. There is no right and wrong side. There are different purposes. There is unity and harmony.

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