How to look for signs of wealth in your own date of birth

The date of birth can tell us a lot. For example, numerologists believe that it can indicate to a person in which direction he should seek financial success.

Earlier we talked about feng shui rules for attracting money. Now it’s time to find out what experts in the field of numerology advise. The ancient science of numbers has its own vision of how well-being can be increased.

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Major Wealth Numbers

Pay attention to your day and month of birth. If they have at least one of the numbers listed below, then this is a very good sign. If there are two or more of these numbers, then it’s still better. These numbers will help you find out where you can expect financial luck and success.

Number Two. This is the number of single people, but strong in spirit. Most likely, you should try to earn money on your own, without anyone’s help. Financial success for you is where there is no obsessive opinion of others.

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Number  Six. Six is ​​the number of creativity. If you have one or more Sixes in the day or month of your birth, then try to find yourself in a creative field or just be more creative in your work responsibilities.

Number  Seven. The number 7 is a symbol of pure luck. Most likely, you need to take a little more risk if there is such a number in the date of birth. Don’t be afraid of anything new. The more courageous you are, the richer you will become.

Number  Eight. This number represents all the material principles. A person whose date of birth contains eight should devote more time to planning, dreams, and visualization of desires.

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How to calculate wealth code

You can do simple numerological calculations by date of birth to understand where financial luck is hiding for you. To do this, simply add up all the numbers of your date of birth. For example, let’s take the date 02/11/1987: 1+1+0+2+1+9+8+7=29. The result should be a number from 1 to 9, so we add the numbers until we get a number from this range. 2+9=11. 1+1=2. It turns out that the wealth code for this date is 2. Now it remains to decipher your code.


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