How men keep women hooked


Do not be naive, as soon as you start wanting clarity in a relationship, you will immediately become uncomfortable with him…

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1. A man disappears, then appears again, as if nothing had happened in your life.

That is, he first shows you his kind of interest, takes the initiative, invites you on a date, devotes a lot of time and attention to you, and then just as suddenly disappears from your life for a while without any explanation.

You, of course, are at a loss, You don’t understand what happened, and you can even start blaming yourself for doing something wrong and offending your prince in some way, but to sell a little time, you have already calmed down or even reconciled and let go of the thought of this man as he suddenly reappears in your life.

He begins to tell how he missed him and will not happen again, but, as you understand, time passes and the man mysteriously disappears again, leaving you to think again and wonder what happened.

These are the games of “warm-cold” or “closer-further” that are very good at hooking those women who dream of finding their one and only and simply do not see any other meaning in life than to meet the “man of their dreams”.

Such women often have a lot of fears, inferiority complexes, and low self-esteem, and some men feel this very well and begin to manipulate. So be careful not to fall for all these tricks.

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2. A man simply convinces a woman that she is no longer needed by anyone but him, and in general, she will not meet anyone better than him.

This trick works, of course, most of all with those women who are very insecure about themselves and their attractiveness, significance, and value. Therefore, they are afraid to be left alone and start all over again, and her man knows this and therefore continues to “put pressure on a sore spot” day after day, that is, to convince her that no one really needs her anymore, thereby reinforcing her own fears and concerns.

He feels so good and comfortable, because she will not go anywhere from him, and a woman often simply does not have enough courage and support from someone to finally end this toxic relationship and get out of the image of the “eternal victim”.

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3. He does not give you any guarantees and promises regarding your common future, but he does not seem to object to this either.

This is the case when, for example, you want to talk about your future, and the man constantly answers you with something like “Let’s not now, but we will definitely return to this conversation.” You have been living in this expectation for quite a long time, and for some reason, the time for this conversation does not come and does not come … And it will never come, because they just keep you on the hook.

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4. A man first convinces you that you simply have to be together, no matter what, and then begins to put pressure on pity.

It’s pure manipulation just to keep you close. He will begin to put pressure on pity as if he simply cannot live without you and will do something with himself if you leave him and it will be on your conscience. And in general – “we are such a wonderful couple, well, we quarrel sometimes, well, who doesn’t happen to? But in general, everything is fine.”

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Remember that you are a free person and you can leave a relationship where you feel really bad and uncomfortable at any time. So you don’t have to feel guilty about it. After all, it’s your life and your choice. And let your man himself be responsible for his actions, deeds, and indeed for his life.

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5. Convince you that you are the only one who needs it.

Your man will begin to convince you of how popular he is, what kind of “line of people who want to take your place next to him” and in general “all men are polygamous” are right behind him, and therefore you either need to come to terms with this if you want to be next to him or no one keeps you here, there will always be those who wish, but whether you can do it without me is another question … ”

Yes, you can leave him to prove to yourself and to him that you can, but keep in mind that as soon as you want to return to him, he will set his conditions for you again. Therefore, think carefully about whether you can get away from him, and if you have already decided on this, then there is no turning back. But, you know, it’s good!

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6. If he constantly “feeds” you with promises to change, but does nothing.

If you constantly give him a “second (3,4, 5…) chance” so that, for example, he stops lying to you or cheating on you, and then you still catch him in a lie or another “turn to the left”, then it’s enough to believe his promises, it’s time to end this.

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7. Convince you that “I know you are not like everyone else. You are different – kind, wise (patient), and know how to love sincerely and disinterestedly. I appreciate it so much.”

Yes, I understand that it sounds, of course, very romantic, but the fact is that a man in this way almost hypnotizes you, convincing you that you really don’t need anything from him, except himself. That is, you do not need a family, nor any obligations on his part – nothing. The main thing is that he is there.

But all those others – they were bad and constantly demanded something from him, but you are not like that at all and you won’t even notice how you really start to prove it to him, in the hope that he will appreciate you and want to connect with you all own life.

But don’t be naive, because as soon as you start wanting something from him, for example, some kind of clarity in relationships and an understanding of where your relationship is heading in general, you will immediately become uncomfortable for him and just as bad and selfish as everyone else. the rest, and then he just walks away from you.

Therefore, be careful, value and respect yourself, and also sincerely believe that very soon you will meet a really worthy man.

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