Horoscope for the week from March 18th to March 24th, 2024

Anyone who wants to be one step ahead of other people on the path to happiness and success should pay attention to our weekly horoscope. I’m sharing my opinion on what the mood of the planets will be during these seven days.

This forecast is very pleasant, but, as always, there is one “but”, and this time it is Mars. Mars will become negative on March 22 due to its move into the Sign of Pisces, so at the end of the week, we may experience an attack of laziness despondency, and loss of motivation. This suggests that it is better to try to redo all the main things at the beginning of this period. I advise everyone, without exception, to learn to get rid of the grievances of the past. Now the past can be extremely painful.

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Solving complex problems should not be left until the end of the week. Until the 22nd, Aries will have good luck in all areas of life. At the very beginning of a new week, you need to do only the most important things, fulfill your responsibilities, and act as problems arise. It is also worth being as observant as possible because a lot of interesting things can happen around us.


Taurus should be as careful as possible in work and household chores throughout the week. But in love, many interesting things await these people. Something important can come out of new acquaintances, so dating now will be extremely useful. Anyone who is already in a relationship should not be afraid of strength tests. You need to compromise and do everything for the sake of your loved ones.


This week will bring a lot of luck to Gemini. You can begin to change yourself and your life. You can change your job, your appearance, go shopping, go traveling. However, it is better to beware of envious people and to be constantly on the move. You can go in for sports and increase your load a little. I recommend that Gemini focus on themselves.

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If Cancers are now looking for a soul mate, then great luck awaits them. I recommend being around people as often as possible, showing them your sympathy, and not being afraid to do bright things. If Cancers already have a soulmate, then they will have to avoid stagnation in the relationship by any means. Well, you need to move away from your relatives, friends, and loved ones. If possible, it is worth giving people more freedom.


Leos should not violate someone else’s personal space or impose their opinions. This is the foundation of stability during the period from March 18 to March 24. This week, Leos are highly likely to be able to get rid of ailments and illnesses. The riskiest day for Leo is March 22. The stars and planets will be in great disharmony on this day. The rest of the days everything will be fine. Lviv will have good luck and many new opportunities at work.


Virgos will likely be able to find a new source of income, a new hobby, a job, and many new friends and love. It is important to seek support from loved ones, especially if you want to get rid of worries, sadness, and doubts. It is also worth helping loved ones to cleanse them of such emotional illnesses. You need to be more diplomatic in communication.

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For Libra, now it is recommend listening to the opinions of your loved one and family more often, so as not to suffer defeat in business and work. You don’t need to do everything exactly as your partner says, but you still need to listen. Now is a good time to relax. You can take a vacation. If possible, you need to relax properly. You can go on a trip, change your surroundings, visit family and friends in other cities.


Scorpios can cheer themselves up through communication and new acquaintances. Someone will even be able to find a soul mate, but for this, it is worth going out more often. This will be a great week for shopping. At the beginning of the week, Scorpios’ chances of successfully purchasing something expensive will increase many times over. It is also better to make important decisions at work at the beginning of the week. Intellectual work will be more productive.


Sagittarius should spend time in the fresh air more often – to supply the brain with oxygen so that its work is more efficient. Good sleep will help reboot your mind and restore strength, so maintaining a routine is another important point. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your surroundings. Now Sagittarius needs to distance themselves as much as possible from everything dull and gray.

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This week will be incredibly warm and pleasant, but more communication with kind and pleasant people will help make it even better. There may be difficulties of a domestic nature, but they can be overcome with the help of family cohesion. The end of the week will not be so rosy: on Friday, Sagittarius may feel some tension in communication due to the negativity of Mars.


At the end of the week, Aquarius will become more suspicious and touchy, so it is better to closely monitor your actions and words, so as not to inadvertently offend a loved one. Weekends are not the best time for shopping: it is possible that Aquarians will not be satisfied with their purchases. I also recommend that Aquarians reveal their main strengths, rather than correct their shortcomings.


It will be much easier for Pisces to collect and structure information received from outside. It is extremely important to sensibly assess the current situation in love and work, and only then make an important decision. Pisces will have a lot of time to make decisions, but it is better not to put it off until Friday and weekends, as Mars will confuse all the cards. All important matters should be completed in the first three days.

This week, it is also recommended that we all focus on removing energy-stealing things from our homes. The favorable period will not last forever, so it is important to prepare for its end. The first note of the black streak can be felt as early as Friday. Good luck and fair winds.

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