Horoscope for the week from April 8th to April 14th, 2024: this week, noticing little things, will bring luck!

Our march continues through April. The second week of this month will be even more difficult than the first. The horoscope told us exactly why she would become such and also gave a couple of tips on how to cope with possible problems or bypass them.

Luck this week will largely depend on the ability to notice important little things. If you do not want to lose success in every area of ​​life, then you will have to learn to be attentive, because the stars and planets will align in such a way that their effect on us all will become mysterious and inexplicable. This will largely be due to a total solar eclipse, seasoned with the chaos of retro-Mercury. Mercury is not dangerous, since it is in a good Zodiac Sign for itself, but its unpredictability and ambiguity can cost us financial success and good luck in love.

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Aries should understand that their lives may soon change seriously. Many representatives of this Sign have been waiting for such a moment, but they will have to act as carefully as possible. The energy of stars and planets will be very negative, so you will have to think twice before doing anything. It is better to invest your time in new knowledge and experience. This will be the best investment on the part of Aries. You also need to monitor your health.


Taurus will be unlucky in love because not only Mercury is in a bad position, but also Venus. Those who have already found their happiness need to be careful because you can lose everything in a second. It’s not worth taking risks now, especially in the most important matters. Now is not the right time for interviews, negotiations, signing papers, and making deals.

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This will be a difficult week. It is not suitable for both intellectual work and romantic dating. There is no need to rush things – a free Gemini should enjoy freedom and choice. It’s also not worth declaring your love, nor is it worth proposing your hand and heart. Flirting will be very useful, but only if it turns out to be as unobtrusive as possible. It is better to devote yourself to work and hobbies.


The most dangerous area of ​​life, in which it will be most difficult to get out of problems, is finances and work. It is better to count money very carefully. You can’t spend too much. Too sudden and thoughtless steps in love and communication with the opposite sex can lead to great disappointments. If Cancers feel that their health is failing, they will need to forget about work and recover.

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Leos shouldn’t change the environment around them but do housework in their free time. You can visit parents and close friends whom you have not seen for a long time. This will help lift your mood. Leos better not hope for leniency from other people. It is important to rely not on luck, but on yourself. If desired, these seven days can be spent in solitude. At work, it is better to lean towards teamwork and respectful communication.


Working in a team will not help Virgos achieve their goals. This is the time when those who are used to doing everything on their own will be able to stay afloat. The hardest day of the week is Monday. The stars and planets will align in such a way that on April 8th it will be impossible to trust anyone. Excessive ambitions are unacceptable for Virgos. You can’t lose touch with reality. Common sense must be present everywhere and always.

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Libra is advised to set only feasible goals and objectives, solve them, and then set new ones, and so on. You cannot set an unattainable goal, and throw all your strength into achieving it, so that in the end, even if you manage to achieve something, there is no more “fuel” in stock. You need to spend energy very, very carefully, and thoughtfully. Mercury, Venus, and the eclipse are unforgiving this week.


Saturday and Sunday will be the best days for Scorpio. Of course, not just because it’s the weekend. The planets and stars will finally calm down a little. To stay afloat from April 8th to 12th, Scorpio will have to become better in every sense. This is a period of scandals and troubles, health problems. Scorpio may not like what the Universe has in store for them, but they are capable of dealing with problems.

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Sagittarius will likely receive some of their debts back this week, but they will also need to remember their obligations to people and fulfill them as soon as possible. There is no need for discord in the team and in the family now, because any, even the smallest problem, can be magnified many times over by an eclipse. It is important to be as careful as possible with your words and actions.


From April 8th to April 14th, Capricorns may experience a crisis in their relationships with their significant other and loved ones. This means that you will have to learn to talk, make contact, and compromise. All Capricorns with an explosive character are better off either staying in solitude or learning restraint. Health problems and fatigue can be corrected by rest. During working hours, it is better not to make too serious decisions.

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Aquarius shouldn’t demand too much from colleagues, friends, and relatives with their significant other. At work, they are likely to be constantly distracted by various little things that can lead to serious disagreements. Don’t trust your fate to chance. Flexibility and the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes are ideal character traits that will help Aquarians solve any problems during this dangerous time.


Pisces should beware of envious people because they will be the source of most problems. They will infect Pisces with negativity. It’s better to avoid contact with those you don’t like. It is also important not to break the rules of communication and be punctual. Pisces themselves also need to fight envy and anger. Such feelings and emotions are simply unacceptable and extremely dangerous now.

Even if you have to face many problems, it will not mean that life has stopped. This applies to both work and personal troubles. They shouldn’t confuse you. We advise you to view serious problems as an opportunity to learn something new and become wiser.

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