Horoscope for the week from April 1st to April 7th, 2024: take care of your well-being

The first week of the second spring month begins. It’s getting warmer outside, but don’t be fooled, because we can feel some coolness in our souls, horoscope will tell you how to overcome this and how to minimize the likelihood of problems.

On April 1st, Mercury will go retrograde, making Monday the most dangerous day of the week. Try not to take risks on this day and follow your usual routine. Adventures and overwork on the 1st can lead to very noticeable and irreversible problems in work, communication, and love. April 3rd will be a dangerous day due to the negative aspect of Venus and Neptune, and on the 5th the planet of vitality and love will become very destructive in Aries, so this week there will be an opportunity to manifest itself only on the 4th – on the day of the mirror date.

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During this difficult time, even the most trivial things may not work out in Aries. You will have to separate work and home and not bring into your home the negativity accumulated in the workplace. Aries need patience and self-confidence like air. You should not wait for new opportunities or new ways to solve important problems. The most important thing is that people of this Sign may have new ill-wishers, and often their actions will be hidden.


The beginning of the second month of spring will be very negative and restless. Taurus shouldn’t take risks now and not start new things. The horoscope advises not to listen to intuition, as the sixth sense will not work properly due to Mercury. It is also important not to listen to the advice of others. Only the closest and most devoted people can give a sound assessment of what is happening and help Taurus, showing openness and care.

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For Gemini, the period from April 1st to April 7th can be like a roller coaster. There will be constant ups and downs. A good mood will be replaced by a bad one, which will inevitably affect luck in all areas of life. Now it is extremely useful not to lose faith in yourself. Because of Mercury, Gemini may lose their sense of caution and self-preservation. It is better to keep your eyes open on the roads while working and making new acquaintances.


Before doing anything, Cancers better think twice. They can make mistakes very easily. Horoscope advises Cancers to follow a daily routine so that they feel better. It is important to work accurately and not be late in completing important tasks, even when it comes to Cancers who work for themselves. There may be an unreasonable desire to give up everything and start something new. Do not do this.

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The stars and planets from April 1st to April 7th are, to put it mildly, not in the mood, so Leo’s productivity may suffer greatly because of this. Most likely, people of this Sign will have to put much more effort into solving familiar problems. Now is a very bad time to travel. The best relaxation is at home with a cup of tea. Leos need to show their best side to others to attract good luck.


Virgos will most likely have many new tasks and many new goals, so they will not be able to relax properly. Many people can turn to them for help, but it would be wrong to waste their resources on this. You can make an exception and help someone very close. In love, the time has come to test the strength of relationships, and relationships that have just begun will be best tested.

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During this difficult time, Libra shouldn’t show their desires and emotions to anyone. The horoscope advises you to be observant and careful. Disappointment with people will become the norm shortly. However, you should never lose faith in the best. Planets and stars will not be able to spoil the energy of an apartment or house. That is why the best rest and work will be within your walls. Libra’s house will be their fortress.


From April 1st to April 7th, emotions can run high, and the mood will be changeable for Scorpios. This week is not suitable for changing jobs or looking for new hobbies. Adaptation to new conditions will also not be the best. The same goes for new acquaintances. In business, it is better to rely not on luck, but on your strength and experience.

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The whole week can become extremely stressful for Sagittarius because their mood will drop to almost zero. There is no need to strive to deal with all matters too quickly because this will be almost impossible. Currently, problems cannot be solved through teamwork, although teamwork can bring some positives.


In love, a period of anxiety begins for Capricorns. Now there is no place for romance and searching for a soul mate. Those who are already in a relationship or even married will have to spend more time with their loved ones and family. It is important to learn to listen to loved ones and give them advice, but only if they ask for it. It’s also not worth making comments, so as not to provoke a scandal.

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From April 1 to April 7, Aquarius will have to make important decisions much more often, but this does not mean that this process will bring joy. It is advisable to abstract yourself from work and important matters, if possible. The powerful intuition of Aquarius will not help make the task easier, because it will sag greatly due to Mercury in the retro phase. You should use your personal experience and wisdom.


For Pisces, the period from April 1st to April 7th is a time of not the most pleasant, but fateful meetings and unexpected events. You won’t be able to prepare for everything in advance, so in some situations, you will have to be creative. The week is unfavorable for learning and scientific activities. Those who are engaged in the provision of services and consulting will be least fortunate. In love, it is better to press the brakes for now and not tell anyone about your feelings.

Try to strengthen your biofield. One of the best ways to do this is through exercise, but don’t do it too hard, especially after April 5th. Keep yourself and your body in good shape so that your mind and energy are strong too. Good luck and good luck to you.

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