Horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2024: bad streak in life, but you will be able to fight it off

Horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2024: bad streak in life, but you will be able to fight it off. Another week begins, which cannot please us with positive changes in the astrological sense. The time has come to find out what this period will be like and how you can bypass the difficulties and problems in life.

This week, stars strongly recommend keeping the information field clean. Try to delete unnecessary information from your computer, phone, and in general not to absorb information that you don’t need – from people’s mouths, from the news, and so on. Think positive thoughts so that retro Mercury does not have power over you.

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A good night’s sleep this week will be Aries’ best gift to themselves. Horoscope recommends following a daily routine, spending more time in the fresh air not sitting still, and not engaging in soul-searching. High physical activity will also be very inappropriate. As for relationships with people, they can become very strained. It is advisable for everyone who is in a relationship to beware of quarrels and scandals. Conflicts with those closest to you will be very destructive.


Experts strongly advise Taurus to put all their efforts into eradicating jealousy, fear, and doubts in themselves. It is better to talk to a loved one if something is bothering you. Don’t be impulsive now. As for work and the financial sphere, the horoscope recommends starting to get rid of debts of any type and volume. Taurus can also lose luck due to greed.

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The most dangerous day of the week for Gemini will be Monday. People of this Sign should focus on work. Important events will happen almost every day, so you will have to adjust yourself to an optimistic mood. You shouldn’t throw all your energy into solving problems—it’s better to leave some time for relaxation and communication with loved ones. The creative energy of Gemini will drop sharply, so in work and affairs, it is better to rely on logic and experience.


Cancers must believe in themselves with renewed vigor and learn to spend less time on useless and unimportant tasks. This will be a very inappropriate time for hard intellectual or physical work, love affairs, or travel. It is better to focus on what is enjoyable and does not require a lot of time. Horoscope advises not to be afraid of difficulties because they are temporary.

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It is better for Leos now to take care of personal matters, as well as projects for which the deadline is suitable. It is also very important in such an unfavorable period to maintain harmony in the house, since it is within one’s walls that peace and positivity will await. Vacationing will be much more effective at home, so you don’t have to go somewhere far away. From April 15 to April 21, Leos should do business with their loved ones more often.


Virgos should now be as careful as possible about their health. There is a risk of getting sick and catching a cold. The work can wait, but the body will not forgive Virgos for careless treatment. Change is coming. They need to be sensed, foreshadowed, and predicted. There is no need to sit still – it is important to develop spiritually, mentally, and physically. Spring is in full swing, so Virgo will have a bit of luck in the amorous sphere, despite the weakness of Venus.

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Horoscope advises Libra to show everyone around their intelligence, charisma, and sense of humor. This will help you please the opposite sex. Those who are free and love flirting need to remember moderation. Mercury will require active but cautious actions aimed at resolving business issues. Venus in Aries can cause indecision and doubts, which will negatively affect business.


This week, Scorpios need to follow the plan they made earlier. Retro Mercury will not provide an opportunity to quickly solve financial matters and problems, and the weak position of Venus can lead to sudden and unpredictable mood swings.
To avoid trouble this week, Scorpios will need to be close to loved ones. You can relax with your significant other, and go on dates.

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Unfortunately, you won’t have to wait for calm this week, because life will be like a roller coaster. There will be big ups and deep downs, but Sagittarius doesn’t need to worry about it too much because everything will come back to normal and they will remain patient and thoughtful. Now you shouldn’t go on spontaneous trips. Black and white stripes will alternate, so you shouldn’t get angry or sad for every little reason.


Capricorns are not recommended to take risks. Now you shouldn’t test your luck by playing with fate. This is especially true for April 19 – the most dangerous day of the week, when negative Venus will be in conjunction with retro Mercury. Now is not the best time for a change of environment, active work, or a change of profession, for learning and gaining knowledge. It is better to rest as much as possible, if possible.

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Horoscope categorically does not recommend Aquarius to engage in intense sports and leave their native lands. On the other hand, these people would benefit from being outdoors. You need to walk more often. Aquarius lovers will experience waves of sadness. Single people of this Sign will be able to find their soulmate with the proper level of attention. This is a great time for spiritual development.


Romance now will help Pisces avoid failures and cheer up. It’s better not to tell your loved ones and significant other about your problems for now. It is important to support relatives and friends morally in their endeavors, and also not to judge them for mistakes. Pisces should also not be led by their immediate desires, so as not to make mistakes.

Sometimes we are unlucky in life not because of planets and stars, but because of more mundane energetic reasons. You shouldn’t blame the stars for everything if there’s a bad streak in life, because, despite their negative influence at the moment, you can remain successful, which is what we sincerely wish for you.

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