Horoscope for the week from 17th to 23rd July, 2023: don’t do things you don’t want to!

Summer smoothly rolls over its equator. This is not a reason to be sad, because we have another month and a half of warmth, love, and vivid emotions. Astrologers told us what to expect during these seven days and how you can attract more luck into your life.

According to forecasts, this week there will be as many as two days of power – July 20th and 22nd. These days there will be powerful aspects between Mars and Saturn, as well as the Sun and Pluto. On Sunday, Venus will turn retrograde, so on the last day of the week, try not to overload yourself with business. During these seven days, the Universe and the night luminaries will help you and I get rid of our most terrible habits and become better. Try to make at least a little effort on yourself so that at the end of the week you feel that the time was not lived in vain.


Aries needs to have time to strengthen their biofield before Sunday since the energy problems inspired by Venus in the retro phase can become very noticeable already on its first day – July 23rd. Aries need to prepare for a period of slight decline in motivation and enthusiasm. Foresight is not a strong character trait of these people, but the warning of astrologers will give them the opportunity to react in advance. Now it is important to have fun and work and try to do everything possible so that there is no business left for later. You can buy new things but don’t overspend.

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Taurus this week will be very productive and strong mentally, and physically. Before the start of the retro-movement of Venus, they need to have time to do all the most important things. Rites for protection from enemies will help to avoid problems because envious people can become more active on Monday. As they said in one film: “Those who do not love us are divided into two types: those who are stupid and those who envy us.” Fools can grow wiser, but envious people will never improve, so it is better to try to stay away from them. This is a good time to travel, change environments, find love, and connect.

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Gemini is expected to have a very favorable, but very dynamic week with a lot of various unexpected events. These people can spend more nerves than usual, so astrologers and dailyhoro.ru site experts strongly recommend meditating before going to bed. Previously, we introduced readers to meditation on a night of good and sound sleep. It is vital for Gemini to rest because if they get tired, the next week will turn into a total nightmare for them. Everyone wants to relax, but now is not the time to relax. You have to act but do it wisely.

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Cancerians should fear most of all toxic people and manipulators. Special amulets in this regard will be of great help to them. The theme of the partnership will be fully revealed. Cancerians will be able to find people who can help them decide on their future plans, as well as who can help them achieve their current goals at work and in business. Rejecting offers of help would be unwise. Also, astrologers strongly advise not to miss the details. Now every little thing matters. It is in the little things that the happiness of these people will be concentrated.


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