Horoscope for the week from 10th to 16th July, 2023: expect change in life

The horoscope for the coming week will help you attract more luck into your life, as well as learn how to use energy and time efficiently. Follow the simple tips of astrologers to make mid-July a favorable time.

As for the planets, from the global changes we are waiting for the transition of Mercury into the Sign of Leo. This will be an auspicious event that will return good luck to us in financial matters. Rituals and whispers for good luck will help you survive any difficulties that Neptune will continue to send us. In general, this time can be considered favorable. Monday will be marked by the opposition of Mercury and Pluto, the two most distant planets from each other. This is a good event that will help you start the week right.


Aries will be able to win a lot of victories on all fronts – in love and work, in business, and in the field of hobbies. The only problem is a possible lack of energy and strength. In this regard, astrologers strongly advise people of this Sign to be closer to the sources of power. You need to relax better and not forget about entertainment. Work is work, but we do not live for it. In dealing with people, it will be a little easier for Aries to exercise restraint than last week. It is important to demonstrate understanding, love, and tenderness in dealing with loved ones and just to be a reliable friend, girlfriend, colleague, wife, or husband.

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For Taurus, enhanced Mercury will help you get back on your feet and feel a surge of strength and positive energy. Night luminaries will help Taurus to diagnose in themselves habits that take away happiness. It is time to admit to yourself that you have them in order to move on to the release phase as soon as possible. If by the end of the week, it becomes obvious that the problems do not go away, then Taurus is doing something wrong. It is necessary to show kindness and not to chase after money, for profit. In dealing with people, it is important to remain sensitive at all costs. This is the week in which Taurus should be themselves and not pretend to be someone else.

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The night luminaries and, in particular, their main patron in the person of Mercury, will help the Gemini to come to self-awareness faster. This means that Gemini will be able to set new goals and objectives, as well as understand what their purpose is. The connection with the abundance center of the Universe will be strengthened, so you can safely make wishes, dream, and ask the universe for help. The main thing now is not to carry large sums of money with you, so as not to be tempted by unnecessary purchases. As for the necessary acquisitions, they will be as appropriate as possible. This is a good time for sports and job hunting.

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Cancers will become much luckier. This will become noticeable on Monday. The main advantage of Cancers this week is love for what they do. If people of this Sign have a distinct feeling that they are in the right position in life and do only what they want, this will have a beneficial effect on their productivity and success in love. A bit of prudence multiplied by enterprise is the secret of success for these seven days.


Leo can cover anxiety and anxiety on any day of the week. This does not mean that this time is unfavorable. It’s just that astrologers believe that Neptune can make such a knight’s move, given the positive changes of Mercury. If nothing is done about their insecurities and doubts, this can provoke a flurry of problems, which in turn will lead to the fact that Leo will become an outsider, not a leader. The internal state will now play the most important role.


Virgos should think about whether they are on the right track now. It is never too late to analyze your actions, goals, and dreams for relevance. After all, there is a good chance that Virgos are now simply following the impulse set earlier, but they are not developing in any way and are not doing what they really like. It’s time to fix it. The consciousness of these people will be cleared already on Monday. This week, you can not overload yourself with things.

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Libra will need to take care of their physical and spiritual health. The time has come to take care not of other people, but of ourselves. The most important thing now is not to overshadow the positive energy of the stars of the planets with negativity. No need to engage in self-flagellation, overloading your mind with thoughts about the past and your mistakes. It is better to look to the future, which comes at every moment of time. The past cannot be returned, but the future can be easily made the way you want. The main thing is to believe in the power of your thoughts and in the magic of kindness and optimism.


Scorpios have global life changes in all areas. Some of them may be unexpected and even painful, but do not be afraid of change, because they often happen at the moment when they are simply needed. People of this Sign have such a situation right now.  This is a good time for travel, change of scenery, renovation, relocation, expensive acquisitions, image change, finding new friends, and a new job.

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Night luminaries will help Sagittarius to find happiness, but perhaps it will not be quite the happiness that they imagine. Probably, it will be something else, but very pleasant. It is possible that happiness will be known to those who do not expect it at all. All Sagittarians who are now downhearted and in a state of depression can perk up and return to normal. You need to communicate more with friends and make new acquaintances.

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Capricorns this week will bring a lot of problems, one is not their best trait in character. The fact is that many representatives of this Sign do not respect those who they do not like. Sometimes the respect of Capricorns is extremely difficult to earn. We need to stop being so demanding. This week there will be reasons to be kinder to people, especially now that Capricorns may need emotional support. It is worth remembering that excessive activity during these seven days may not be the best choice. You need to learn to relax and not overload yourself with household chores and work.

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The best weapon in the fight for love and other people’s attention for Aquarius is tact. Representatives of this Sign periodically show a lack of tact in communicating with unfamiliar people, replacing it with aggression and assertiveness, but now it’s better not to do this. Do not be afraid to explain the reasons for your actions to others. These are not excuses, but simple good manners and a manifestation of kindness. It is also important to monitor your health and energy. Simple practices and tips will help maintain the biofield and health at the right level for all these seven days and in general.


Astrologers believe that many Pisces will be able to negotiate with inner demons this week. This will be the time when the flaws will go away, and something creative will come in their place – for example, new hobbies, the right goals, and desires. This week, Pisces will experience a global reboot of consciousness. It is possible that they will be able to look at the world from a completely different angle, which will reveal their potential and bring it to a completely different level. This is a great time to start a business, gain new knowledge and experience, make new acquaintances, and seek inspiration.

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