Horoscope for March 18th: emotions will be elevated, exercise diplomacy!

Horoscope for March 18th: emotions will be elevated, exercise diplomacy! Strengthen your home, do not forget your background!


Aries will start the week actively, and this attitude will spread to those around them. You will want to help, support, and give advice. This is commendable, but help is good when asked for, so do not be intrusive and remember – you have accumulated a lot of things that need to be addressed urgently.

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Taurus will feel a surge of vital energy, and their oratorical abilities will be at their best. Today you will be able to agree even with the most difficult interlocutor, and you need to use this 100%. Don’t wait for people to start negotiating with you, take the initiative and take the first step yourself.


Gemini’s mood is unstable, every little thing irritates them. An additional test will be obvious injustice towards you on the part of your inner circle or superiors. Try to remain calm, at least outwardly, everything will soon be resolved in your favor.


The emotional state of Cancer leaves much to be desired; you are irritable and very intemperate in your language and tend to talk down and belittle others. If you don’t pull yourself together, you risk making dangerous ill-wishers.

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At the beginning of the working week, Leo will have to fuss a fair amount – a lot of urgent matters will arise. In addition, you will be constantly distracted by questions and requests, and it will not be possible to refuse. In the afternoon, the tension will subside a little, and fate will reward you with a pleasant surprise.


Virgo today has a chance to solve many problems and deal with even the most complex issues – not a single nuance will escape your attention. But this is only possible if you fully concentrate on your business, postponing correspondence on social networks and chatting on the phone at least until the evening.


On Monday, Libra is unusually active and able to work fruitfully, the main thing is not to stop and not be distracted by trifles. On this day, your brain can “generate” brilliant ideas, and you have a chance to achieve what you want faster than planned. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Scorpio’s soul and thoughts are still on the weekend, and it’s not easy for him to get into the mood for active activities. But nothing can be done, we must get down to business! Approach solving problems seriously – plan your actions and start with the most difficult issues.


On Monday, Sagittarius can only dream of peace. The day will begin with surprises – it turns out that today you need to do much more than you expected. To manage everything and not become exhausted, determine the sequence of actions and perform tasks in the order you have established, without in any way violating it.


Today Capricorn will face a provocation – they will try to offend you and piss you off to put you in the most unfavorable light. Don’t give in and try to avoid “acute” situations, don’t be too frank with others. Someone may want to find out information to use against you.

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Today is a difficult day: unpleasant news will arrive, and someone will want to blame Aquarius for what happened. You shouldn’t meekly endure injustice if you don’t want to turn into a “scapegoat.” Put your accusers in their place and demonstrate confidence and firmness.


The cycle of affairs and responsibilities will whirl Pisces from the very morning; there will be no time at all for “swinging up”. Don’t expect to avoid solving some of the tasks, nothing will come of it, you will have to do everything. Stay focused and get started without delay!

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