Horoscope for July 9th, 2023: fight your laziness


The day is not conducive to vigorous activity, but Aries is not used to doing anything at all. Astrologers advise devoting time to communication, both online and in real life. This will benefit you, and if you are lucky enough to meet like-minded people, it is possible that together you will be able to “generate” an interesting, promising idea.


On Sunday you need to have a good rest, preferably with your family. Shared memories, conversations, jokes that only family members can understand… This will make you feel happy and take your mind off every day worries.


The last day of the week has come, and laziness has overcome you again. Accept the situation as it is, and do not try to overcome this uninvited, but quite expected guest. Sometimes it is useful to lie on the couch, slowly, “in Oblomov’s way”, talking about nothing.

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Today it may seem to you that the world has gone crazy – the people around you will behave, in your opinion, strange and illogical. It is better to clarify the situation immediately, otherwise, the tension caused by understatement may lead to a quarrel in the near future.


On Sunday, do things that do not require serious intellectual effort. Better yet, go to the beach, to the forest or to the country. You need to relax and gain strength before the work week.


A great time to do some home improvement. Buy new furniture or, if funds do not allow, rearrange, optimizing the space as much as possible. And also the day is suitable for starting construction and buying a summer house.


It’s been a busy week and you need to relax, be alone. But if you want to go on a date or visit, why not. Do not deny yourself communication and romance, if the soul requires it.


If you turn a blind eye to problems, they will not disappear from this, but such a measure will allow you to ignore them for a while. On Sunday, you should do just that – do something pleasant, relax, and think only about what will not break the fragile harmony.


Today you will benefit from communication with children and animals. Use the opportunity to return to your childhood, at least for a short time, when the grass was greener and the sky was doves! You need rest and at least a little time when you can not think about your adult affairs and problems.

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If today you want to move away from the hustle and bustle, do so. Sometimes it is useful to spend time in blissful idleness, especially if another work week begins tomorrow.


On Sunday you should spend time with relatives. Organize a joint vacation or a trip to an entertainment event! Communication with loved ones and positive emotions will help you recharge your good mood for a few days.


A day of good news and pleasant meetings. Perhaps you will receive news from an old friend with whom you have long lost contact, and you will be glad to resume communication. In the evening, be sure to take a walk in the fresh air – before the start of the working week, you need to sleep well and collect your thoughts.

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