Horoscope for July 8th, 2023: stop digging in the past


A great day for finding creative solutions, implementing bold, innovative ideas, and breaking stereotypes. Do not be afraid to try, even if you make a mistake, it will give you invaluable experience. Remember that a negative result of an experiment, from the point of view of analysis, is no worse than a positive one.


Today you will be busy with philosophical thoughts and reflections on the meaning of life. However, do not dive too deep into them, and do not pester others with such conversations. Tomorrow you will understand that the questions that worried you are not so important, and those whom you tortured with them will avoid you for a long time, fearing a repetition.

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Remember that those who forget about past mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Do not step on the same rake, remember the experience gained in a similar situation. Suppress the spirit of adventurism in yourself, hoping that “this time it will blow over.” It will not carry over, and the consequences will be no less unpleasant than before.


You cannot do without the advice of loved ones today. Do not keep in yourself what has been worrying you for a long time, share problems and thoughts. A fresh look at the situation is exactly what is needed now, and finding a way out together will be much easier.


At the end of the week, Leo should remember that the initiative is punishable. Try to do only your own business, do not interfere in anything, and do not come up with “rationalization” ideas. In the event that everything does not go according to plan, you will be the last one.


The day is ideal for negotiations and deals – Virgo’s intuition and insight are sharper than ever. You will see people literally through and through, and even the most experienced swindler is hardly able to deceive you today. But still, when making decisions, be guided not only by the inner voice but also by common sense.


Rethink your plans for the future, and review and adjust the planned action plan. Somewhere a mistake lurks, small, but “harmful”, because of which all efforts can go to waste. It’s not too late to replay everything, think, and analyze based on your real capabilities.


On Saturday, you will have an unpleasant conversation – someone will demand an explanation for some of your actions. Be patient and firmly, but correctly, state your position, you definitely don’t need conflicts now.


On Saturday, circumstances will require maximum delicacy from you. Questions that interest you should not be asked “head on”, you must first prepare the ground. And although you are far from a diplomat, you still have acting inclinations, so mobilize them, otherwise, the conversation will not work!

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On Saturday, you may encounter dissatisfaction with relatives. They became aware of the information that you tried to withhold from them and will need to explain. Find the necessary arguments, and in the future remember that a secret that is not known to you alone can become public at any time, and do not try to hide the “prick in the bag”.


Today you will constantly encounter conflict situations, fortunately, that only in the role of an observer. Wherever you go, you will witness quarrels and showdowns. But save your mind from interfering, taking sides, and playing peacemaker, you will be extreme!


Today you will need to analyze what is happening, perhaps not without the help of others. You have long noticed that something is going wrong in your life, it’s time to figure out where the mistake lies. And, of course, think about how to fix the situation.

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