Horoscope for July 7th, 2023: use diplomacy to gain control over the situation


At the end of the week, it’s worth doing “work on the bugs”. Analyze everything that has been done recently, and think about why you did not achieve what you wanted and what is stopping you. If necessary, make adjustments to your plans based on the findings.


Demonstrate a willingness to compromise in relationships with loved ones. You are often too stubborn and categorical, forgetting to take into account the interests of others. It’s time to correct the situation before it escalates into a serious conflict.

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No matter how cool a pro in your field you are, it’s never too late to learn. Seek advice from more experienced colleagues, and do not ignore constructive criticism. You can also attend a master class or sign up for advanced training courses.


Like any person, Cancer is far from happy with everything in life, and Friday is a great day to look for ways to change the situation. Today your intellectual abilities are at their best, and the chance of finding the right solution is very high.


Don’t mix business and personal today. A friend may contact you, and in order to help him, you will need to abuse your authority, official position. The stars warn you against this – only harm yourself. Find compelling reasons for rejection and do not respond to dissatisfied “I’ll be offended” and “Oh, that’s what you are.”


Don’t get into arguments with your boss at the end of the week, otherwise, the boss will quickly point you to your place, and this will ruin your mood for the whole weekend. Remember the line from the song that says “The giraffe is big, he knows best”, and do not waste time bickering.


If you want to defend your point of view and convince others that you are right, leave vague language and save emotions for another time. Only arguments of reason, figures, and facts, which, as you know, are a stubborn thing. Imagine even more stubborn than you.

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Today, Scorpios are unusually suspicious and see the catch in everything. Try to hide your mood from others, otherwise, you risk offending them for nothing. Until you substantiate your suspicions with facts, be dumb as fish and do not make claims to anyone.


Smart and prudent, but such gullible Sagittarius can today pay for excessive sincerity. Yes, yes, not everyone knows the true meaning of the word “decency” and do not hesitate to divulge other people’s secrets, steal ideas and use information to the detriment of others. It’s not worth arranging proceedings with an intriguer; after a fight, they don’t wave their fists. Learn this bitter lesson and be more careful in the future!


A great time to make useful contacts. You will meet the right person in an informal setting, so do not refuse invitations to friendly gatherings and entertainment events.


The time has come when you can begin to implement the idea that you have been hatching for a long time. You have collected enough information, prepared the ground, and are ready to turn the idea into reality. Don’t delay any longer, otherwise, the dream will remain a dream, take at least the first step!


On Friday, you can find out some information that is not intended for you. Try not to impersonate and do not demonstrate that you are “also in the know”, you will gain ill-wishers. Rather, think about how to use the information received to the greatest advantage and patiently wait for the right moment.

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