Horoscope for July 6th, 2023: be patient with yourself


Today you will need to show perseverance and perseverance. There will always be obstacles in solving work and personal issues, and the people with whom you have to deal will seem to stop hearing you. Feel free to draw attention to yourself, and if necessary, then bang your fist on the table!


Remember the folk wisdom “You go slower, you will continue.” Today you should not rush, distribute the load and consistently perform as many tasks as you can. Rushing and trying to do several things at the same time will not lead to anything good.


In contrast to Monday, you are more focused than ever today. Use it 100% and take care of work issues. If you have a choice, solve those tasks where everything depends only on you – you are not set up for teamwork on this day.

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By the end of the week, you will have a lot of trouble – you will have to do things that take a lot of effort, time, and nerves. Brace yourselves and don’t try to dodge! Firstly, it still won’t work, and secondly, in the end, a pleasant surprise awaits you.


You are too carried away by one area of ​​\u200b\u200blife, and completely abandoned others. Meanwhile, it is there that you have a serious competitor! Do you deal with personal issues, but sit at work “for show”? They already want to move you! Have you directed all your efforts to career growth, forgetting about your soulmate? If this continues, the real reason for jealousy will not be long in coming! Analyze your life and urgently correct the situation.


On Thursday, you should not fuss, rush and force things, otherwise, you will achieve the exact opposite result. Let everything go the way it goes, and show patience and wisdom, everything has its time.


On Thursday, you will continue to be mischievous, but in this case, it will not manifest itself in intractability, but in the motto of the day “I myself!”. If you do not overcome the kindergartner in yourself and refuse the help that is offered to you, you will quickly be exhausted and will not have time for anything.


On this day, you will be able to quietly “blame” part of your duties on others, without encountering any resistance. The main thing is to act carefully and not bury yourself, and then sincerely thank the person for the assistance provided. Otherwise, next time he will not want to do business with you.

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On this day, you can be entrusted with a task that you are afraid not to cope with. If there is no one to entrust it to, proceed on your own, just first cast aside uncertainty and doubts, and act confidently. Otherwise, your worst fears will be confirmed.


The day is favorable for solving many problems – on Thursday you are unusually active and productive. But you will be constantly distracted, others will need advice, help, or just friendly participation. Do not be irritated, today you will help, and tomorrow they will help you.


On this day, you will again face a difficult choice. You can succumb to ambition, take on a difficult work task and, when you do it brilliantly, get a well-deserved “applause” (perhaps in the form of pleasantly rustling bills). But this will inevitably cause the envy of one of the colleagues. Another option is not to provoke ill-wishers and sit in a corner, but then the “applause” will go to someone else.


On this day, Pisces can feel tired from the routine and even cry over their “hopeless” life. To get rid of painful thoughts, the stars advise to change something, at least in small things. So, you are sure to cheer up with a new hairstyle or suit, a rearrangement in the house, or even buying a stylish key ring.

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