Horoscope for July 4th, 2023


This day will present you with a difficult choice. Delaying the decision will not work, and you will have to give preference to one of the options. The stars are advised not to rely on intuition, but to consider all the pros and cons of each, and calculate which of the latter will be less.


Your intolerance for chaos and disorder will push you to clean up the rubble. Moreover, the desire to get rid of the unnecessary will spread not only to the material but also to the sphere of personal relationships. However, don’t get too carried away by throwing things away and deleting contacts from your phone book! First thing, do you really want to get rid of this thing or stop communicating with this person, or they just got under the hot hand?

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On Tuesday, sitting in a corner will no longer work. Not only will you have to solve a lot of problems, but you will also be drawn into a heated discussion of some important issue. You will not be able to remain neutral, but still watch your speech and do not speak too harshly! Among those present, there will be an extremely vindictive person who will not miss the opportunity to remind you of an insult.


Today you may encounter negativity, and it will come from a person, not from your inner circle, or may be completely unfamiliar. It is possible that you will be rude on public transport or in line. It would be wiser to ignore the boor, but not now – if you don’t answer him with dignity, you will remember this and reproach yourself for “toothlessness” all day.


On this day, your brain works incredibly clearly, you will calculate the situation on the go even in a difficult environment, and literally gush with ideas. Don’t miss the chance to make a good impression on your bosses and colleagues and build your reputation in their eyes.


Devote this day to planning expenses – in the near future you may develop a tendency to waste, and spending control will not hurt. By being clear about what you can afford and what you can’t, and by not making rash purchases, you will avoid financial hardship.


Today you will be pleasantly surprised that your efforts do not go unnoticed and are properly appreciated. The stars allow you to be proud of yourself and even ask yourself a little – praise and encouragement are well deserved.


Today you are able to notice small details and understand even an incredibly complex issue. Use it 100% to give the impression of a great professional and expert in your field. Your achievements will not go unnoticed and will help to strengthen your business reputation.

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Today, you should not take on large-scale tasks and start new projects – most likely, you will fail them. Better move it to the end of the week. And also the day is not suitable for large purchases and real estate transactions.


Today, Capricorn is arrogant and confident in his rightness, even when this is not entirely true. In order not to get into a stupid position, the stars are still advised to listen to the opinions of others. Accept that everyone can make mistakes, including you.


Today you will need to sort out the relationship with someone from the immediate environment. A misunderstanding has arisen between you, and the negative continues to accumulate. Clarify the situation now before it escalates into a protracted conflict.


Postpone all important conversations for another day, Tuesday is completely unsuitable for searching for a “common denominator”. And also the stars advise today not to share plans and ideas with others, there is a great risk that they will be subjected to harsh criticism.

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