Horoscope for July 29, 2023: prepare for interesting day!


Today is not the best day to be in the spotlight – trying to make the best impression, you can make an unfortunate mistake and publicly “sit down in a puddle”. Wait for a more favorable moment to demonstrate your virtues and talents and show yourself in a favorable light.


On Saturday, the past will “catch up” with you. Perhaps you will reminisce all day long, or you will meet an old friend with whom you have long lost touch. It is possible that the consequences of some previous mistake will make themselves felt.

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On Saturday, it is better not to plan things that require concentration and increased concentration of attention – you have problems with this today. But if we are talking about urgent tasks, try to solve them away from the hustle and bustle and everything that can distract you, otherwise, mistakes and miscalculations cannot be avoided.


Conduct an audit of the wardrobe – a lot of things have accumulated on the shelves that you have not worn for a long time, but stubbornly shift from place to place. If, after throwing out the unnecessary, you realize that the closet is almost empty, go for new clothes. Saturday is favorable for shopping, you can buy great things at very reasonable prices.

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If you do not want to spend the weekend on a showdown, stop criticizing the household and giving them instructions. Your desire to control everything and everyone is tiring, and the patience of loved ones is not unlimited.

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A good day for trips, business trips. You can not only deal with the cases that made you go on the road but also get a lot of pleasure from a change of scenery. It is possible that you will meet a very interesting person.


Today, the stars advise Libra to be as delicate as possible, especially with children, subordinates, and everyone who in one way or another depends on you. Choose your words in a conversation, the risk of saying something superfluous and hurting the interlocutor is now very high.

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Today, someone close to you will make you worry, perhaps an unpleasant surprise will be presented by your spouse or children. Do not rush to unleash righteous anger on the “troublemaker”, calmly sort out the situation. Most likely, the person himself is not happy that he did so.


The day is conducive to unhurried reflection and thinking about plans for the future. Just do not rush to bring another idea to life! Weigh all the pros and cons, collect information, and, most importantly, soberly assess your capabilities, otherwise, disappointment cannot be avoided.

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Recently, you, through negligence or intentionally, blurted out someone’s secret. Be prepared for the fact that the person who entrusted it to you already knows where the “leak” came from and may require an explanation. If this happens, it’s best to admit your mistake and apologize, and keep your mouth shut in the future.


Saturday is suitable for real estate transactions, business trips, negotiations, and contracts. And also luck today accompanies those who are looking for a job – look at the vacancies, the chance of finding a great place today is very high.


Try to close your eyes to imperfections, you are too demanding of yourself, others, and the whole world. Agree that enjoying life is much more pleasant than looking for flaws in everything and worrying about it!

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