Horoscope for July 28th, 2023: be careful with money!


On Friday, it will be very difficult for you to focus on your own tasks – colleagues, relatives, friends, and even casual acquaintances will suddenly remember you, distracting you with questions, calls, and requests for help. Therefore, try not to plan a lot of things for this day, you still won’t have time to complete them.


Today it is especially important to tune in a positive way – remember, thoughts are material. If you doubt the success of any business scheduled for this day, convince yourself that everything will work out. Overcame laziness and no strength for anything? Repeat that you are full of energy and enthusiasm, and soon you will feel that you are ready to move mountains!

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Today you may feel tired of the monotony and you will want to break the usual course of life, do something spontaneously. Do not resist this desire, the routine is very tiring, and sometimes you can allow yourself to succumb to a momentary impulse. Such a step will allow you not only to get positive emotions but also to look at many things in a new way.


Friday promises to be interesting – you will have a lot of ideas, and you will see a lot of ways to implement them. After lunch, an unexpected receipt of money is possible, for example, the bosses become generous with a bonus or a new project will bring profit earlier than planned. And in the evening, wait for news from the person you missed.

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Ignore sidelong glances if you are sure that you are doing the right thing. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who will not like it, and today is the case when it is better to act on the principle of “you can’t please everyone, limit yourself.”

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The risk of conflicts with strangers increases. You can encounter a boor anywhere – in line, on public transport, or even in your own yard when you go to take out the trash. It is not necessary to react to malicious attacks, it is better to ignore them, otherwise, you will ruin your mood for the whole day.


Try to complete things that have not reached your hands for a long time, even if you do not see an urgent need for them. “Tails” will still remind you of themselves, and always at the most inopportune moment, so it’s better to deal with them while there is time.

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Feel free to offer non-standard options for solving work problems if the standard ones show low efficiency. Today you are capable of generating original ideas like never before, and this will allow you to strengthen your credibility in the eyes of colleagues and management.


Today, disagreements with loved ones may arise – another grandiose idea will visit you, and in search of supporters and helpers you will show too much zeal. Do not put pressure on the household, demanding to immediately get involved in the case, it is better to discuss everything calmly and not ignore the interests of others.

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If you’re shopping, set a spending limit before you even get to the store. Today you are prone to waste and easily spend much more than you can afford. And also, you should not take loans and loans on Friday, problems with repayment cannot be avoided.


The consequences of a wrong step taken at the very beginning of the journey prevent you from achieving your goal. Think about where you went wrong and how to correct the situation. If you don’t take care of it now, you won’t succeed.


The day is perfect for networking, both on the business and personal front. Today you are unusually perceptive and sociable, and able to get on the same wavelength with anyone. Try to get the most out of this!

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