Horoscope for July 25th, 2023: try to keep everything in order


Today, be prepared to face the disorganization of others – your plans will have to be adjusted every now and then due to the fact that someone forgot about something, did not have time to do it, and so on. This will piss you off more than once but try to restrain yourself. You still won’t be able to change the situation, and clarifying the relationship will slow down the process even more. To relieve tension, visit the gym or take a walk in the park in the evening.


On this day, you should be aware of everything that is happening around you – do not avoid communication, even if it seems to you that this person will not be able to tell you anything interesting. Today, even in a heap of gossip that the interlocutor will “dump” at you, there is a chance to gather extremely useful information.

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Monday was not easy, and today you are a little on edge. In order not to break loose at the most inopportune moment, take on a task that requires a lot of energy. After a large-scale labor feat, you will no longer have time to sort things out with others, and the risk of breaking firewood will be significantly reduced.


Today your productivity is not at the highest level, a breakdown is possible. If possible, do not plan a lot of things for this day, and even better – stay at home and relax. If you force yourself to work through force, nothing good will come of it, and a deterioration in well-being will not keep you waiting.

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Today, stars are advised to avoid activities associated with heavy physical exertion and extreme entertainment. During this period, the risk of injury increases, which can permanently limit your activity.

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Today you have to communicate with an influential person, and your task is to make a good impression. Do not curry favor with the interlocutor, but do not allow familiarity either! Demonstrate self-confidence, but at the same time be extremely correct and speak only to the point, do not chat incessantly.


The energies of the growing Moon will awaken an unusual authoritarianism, a desire to lead and interfere in literally everything. Do not be surprised if others begin to actively resist – they definitely do not expect such a “tyranny” from you.

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A great moment to please yourself with a pleasant purchase. Even if it is something small, like a new wallet or a smartphone case, it will cheer you up. And in the evening it is better to go on a visit or invite friends to get-togethers.


The desire to help a friend or relative in solving his financial problems can lead to the fact that you will have similar difficulties. Think a hundred times and calculate everything before lending, otherwise, you will soon have to “tighten your belt” very tightly!


On Tuesday, be prepared to do something that you are not at all interested in. Circumstances will force you to take on a case from which you have struggled to get away. To sweeten the bitter pill and get rid of the feeling of a mediocre day, find a way to please yourself in the evening.


On Tuesday, you will find that some of the things planned for today have lost their relevance, and you can not do it. Do not rush to take on something new, use the free time for relaxation.


Moderate your passion and do not try to conquer several peaks at the same time. If you chase two hares, you will definitely be left without prey at all. Complete the tasks one by one, then everything will work out.

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