Horoscope for July 23rd, 2023: be cautious with new, just met friends!


A day of contradictions and illusions… There is a high risk of making an erroneous opinion and succumbing to emotions, not to reason. Try not to jump to conclusions, do not make hasty decisions, and think carefully before accepting business proposals. It is possible that they are not as promising as they seem now, and you will not receive the expected benefits.

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On this day, astrologers invite you to visit, to an entertainment event or just to laze around at home. Stars do not advise doing household chores and solving some important issues. Better rest and gain strength before the upcoming work week.

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Pay attention to how you feel, your body has long been “signaling” about the problem. Listen to yourself, and do not postpone a visit to the doctor if you find even slight signs of trouble. Show negligence again and rely on the fact that “it will pass by itself” – you risk getting seriously ill.

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The day is conducive to romantic adventures. Go on a date, and if you have a partner or spouse, have a candlelit dinner. And also Sunday is suitable for tourist trips, excursions, and short trips.


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