Horoscope for July 22nd, 2023: be careful with food!


Today you will find yourself at the center of attention, which will greatly flatter you. Try to make the best impression, but do not overdo it, otherwise, you will be considered selfish and braggart. Be nice, sociable, and correct, but do not flatter people in vain, do not pour sugary compliments, and do not curry favor with your interlocutors.

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Today it is worth avoiding rash spending. Even if it seems to you that your position is stable, and you can spend some money on trifles, it is better not to do this. Large unexpected expenses are likely in the near future, and if you do not show frugality now, you will be financially broke for some time.

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A great moment to call a friend with whom you have not communicated for a long time. The resumption of the old friendship will benefit both you and him. And also the day is suitable for family gatherings and communication with relatives.

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Your home needs a strong master’s hand for a long time. Do a general cleaning, and make minor repairs. Pay special attention to the condition of electrical appliances and household appliances, and if problems are found, immediately call the master. Otherwise, the case in the very near future may end in a fire or injury from the current.


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