Horoscope for July 2023. Be ready for long-lasting changes!

Summer continues, so July comes in place of June. Astrologers told what will be the hottest time of the year for each of the Zodiac Signs. Also, experts gave recommendations on how to make this time better.

The second month of summer will be favorable. The only negative event with a long-lasting effect is the beginning of the retrograde movement of Venus, which will unfold on the 23rd. This means that at the end of July, we will have less strength and energy, but no luck. We talked about this event in more detail in an article about the most dangerous days of July. Of the good events, one can single out the Transition of Mercury into the Sign of Leo on the 11th, and then into the Sign of Virgo on July 28th. These are very good events, but it is worth remembering that Mercury will be weak until the 10th, so there may be problems in the field of communication and finances.


People of this Sign in July will have to be a little more attentive to their words and actions, as many may not like them. At the end of the month, they will have a lot of luck and great success in business and work. The most important thing now is to correctly formulate desires so that they come true much more often. The stars and planets really want Aries to clearly understand their goals in life. This is extremely important for the formation of pleasant events in July. It is possible that the enemies and detractors of Aries will want to throw a white flag. It is worth responding to this with a positive and reciprocal desire to find a compromise.


Taurus in July should be active. From the 23rd, due to the weakness of Venus, a slight apathy may set in and energy with a general tone will decrease. A technique called “fire flower” will help restore strength. In this regard, all means will be good – you can relax in an unusual way for yourself at the end of the month, or change the situation, try to take a mini-vacation. In general, July cannot be called an ideal month, but Taurus will definitely be on horseback. Their chances of success will be high, so sitting still and waiting for the weather by the sea is definitely not worth it.


Gemini at the beginning of the month, until Mercury becomes stronger in Leo on the 11th, it will be difficult to focus on work and affairs. In this regard, astrologers advise using meditation to increase efficiency in work. It is possible that in the first decade of the month, you will have to ask someone for help. There is nothing shameful in this. Also, astrologers believe that most of the July turmoil is in love. Business and work will exhaust themselves pretty quickly. They will not become as serious as they could become. New problems can arise from the experience on the radar. Better be calm.


Cancers should take advantage of the moment when both Venus and Mercury are strong in order to improve relationships with friends, and with a significant other and, in general, gain self-confidence. We are talking about the period from 11 to 23 July. This is a golden time in which Cancers will be as successful as possible in all areas. The universe favors single people, but it will give even more luck to those who are ready to work in a team. The end of the month will be well suited for traveling, business trips, and looking for a new job. The opinion of cancers for many people, unfortunately, will cease to be authoritative.


Leo is expected to have a very dynamic and not the easiest month, especially at the very beginning. Astrologers believe that at this time the level of anxiety may increase, which special counting techniques will help Leo to cope with. Some of the trials that the Universe has prepared for these people will be paying for past mistakes and sins. July is the time of retribution, but do not think that everything will be bad, because the good deeds of Leo will not go unnoticed either. This is the time when it is important to learn to see the positive in everything.


Virgo stars and planets will help turn negative emotions into positive energy. In a good mood, it will be easier to achieve goals and set the right tasks for yourself. At the beginning of the month, very strong internal contradictions are possible, but by mid-July they will abruptly begin to subside, which will help Virgos to become happier, more successful, and more attractive to other people. It is important for representatives of this Sign to analyze their goals and make sure that it is they who make the decisions themselves, and not someone else does it for them. The second half of the month is ideal for communication and starting a new business.


Libra in July will be lucky in terms of finding love and new business acquaintances, especially after the 10th. This is the perfect time to learn how to properly win over interlocutors with the power of words. It is time to find new hobbies and improve the skills acquired earlier. Despite the innate modesty, Libra this month may cease to be so. The stars and planets will not mind Libra’s attempts to change their approach to building business and love relationships. If desired, people of this Sign can significantly change their lives.


Scorpions in July are strictly contraindicated to show jealousy and possessiveness. This can lead to a loss of trust in the second half. Talking about your plans, emotions, and feelings is better only for people with a light aura. Strong Venus until the 23rd will make the hearts of people in love beat in unison. Scorpios and their soul mates are no exception. It’s time for romance, communication, and kindness. Luck will be on the side of those people of this Sign who know what they want from life. This is a great month for gaining new knowledge and new beginnings of any scale. All the most difficult things should be done before the 23rd.


Sagittarius astrologers predict a successful and stable month. For everyone who will be deprived of a stable mood, astrologers strongly recommend using runic meditation to achieve peace of mind. It is very important to start putting into practice the advice received earlier from wise people. Sagittarius cannot ignore the recommendations of those whom they completely and undividedly trust. The projects they have high hopes for will pay off in full. This will be a good time for a decisive and powerful leap forward.


Capricorns need to be more careful in dealing with people. All Capricorns at the beginning of the month can and even need to switch their attention from love to work, and at the end of the month – vice versa. In general, it will be a time of new victories and new opportunities. The intuition of Capricorns will be an ideal guide for them, which will help them find the truth in any matter. The main thing is not to forget to listen to the inner voice.


Astrologers strongly advise Aquarius to do business, build trusting relationships and be friends mainly with representatives of the most responsible and reliable Zodiac Signs. It is also advisable to listen to the sixth sense. This will help you tune in to the same wave with the forces of the Universe, as well as understand in advance in which direction you need to move further in life. July is the time when you need to be responsive to your friends, relatives, and soulmate. This is very important, as kindness will return a hundredfold.


Pisces in July will be much easier to improve relations with relatives. This month will give them the opportunity to establish communication with their parents, become closer with their children, and also survive any problems in communicating with a soulmate. When it comes to work, it is important to be flexible and not go ahead. If it seems that some goal is unattainable, you need to change the plan of action, and not the goal itself. Perhaps it’s time to look at everything that happens from a different angle. This is the best time to accept someone else’s help and reciprocate.

In July, astrologers advise us all to remember our most important zodiac virtues. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but if you want to be more successful, it’s better not to focus on the bad.

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