Horoscope for July 18th, 2023: stay true to yourself


On Tuesday, you will receive news that you will perceive as extremely unpleasant. But do not despair, throw lightning and complain about fate. What happened will only benefit you, and soon you will see it.

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Be more attentive to the interpretation of dreams that you had on the night of Monday to Tuesday – the universe is sending you some kind of signal. Trust your intuition, and if your inner voice warns you against some act, even an absolutely harmless one at first glance, listen to it, otherwise unpleasant consequences cannot be avoided.

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Today there is a chance to make significant progress in a case that has been “stalling” for a long time and has already begun to seem hopeless. Do not leave attempts to change the situation and move it off the ground! It is on this day that the stars are most disposed towards those who are stubbornly moving towards the goal, and the universe will fully help you.

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Today you will have a chance to improve your financial situation, laying a solid foundation for the future. Do not rush to refuse business offers and new projects, even if they do not seem very promising to you or you are afraid that you will not be able to cope. The road will be mastered by the walking one – think, plan, and act, water does not flow under a lying stone.


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