Horoscope for July 17th, 2023: prioritize the necessary


Today, Aries is not recommended to defend their point of view too zealously. Say what you think about the controversial issue, and step aside. Give your opponent the opportunity to think about the situation on their own – if you are really right, he will soon take your side.

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The statement that Monday is a hard day does not work today. This is a great time to prepare important documents, resolve professional issues, perform complex work tasks, and conduct important negotiations. The main thing is to carefully “filter” speech in conversations with partners and superiors. One careless, rude, or offensive word can lead to a serious conflict.

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In general, the forecast for the beginning of the week is favorable. Today you can deal with a lot of cases without much fuss. It is possible that you will receive unexpected help in resolving accumulated issues. One has only to be careful in dealing with other people – a conflict can arise literally out of the blue.

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay


You should recognize that you are not the only one with problems! Not everything is going smoothly for others either, you don’t need to think that you are the hardest of all, and even more so you shouldn’t talk about it openly. By neglecting the difficulties of others, you risk losing the friendly disposition of those who are used to complaining about life.


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