Horoscope for July 13th, 2023: keep your plans to yourself!


On Thursday, rely only on your own strength. If you entrust at least part of the planned tasks to someone, by the evening you will find that “things are still there.” Therefore, plan the day in such a way as to have time to complete what was planned without anyone’s help.

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Pay attention to your immediate environment – one of your dear people really needs support with a kind word, wise advice. Find time for a heart-to-heart talk, even if it means postponing things.

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Look into the dream book – dreams that occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday will most likely turn out to be prophetic. And rely more on intuition, and listen to your inner voice, today it is he who is your most important and reliable adviser.

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Meetings, negotiations, and meetings with business partners and clients are best done in the morning – before lunch, luck in this area will accompany you. The second half of the day is better devoted to the care of appearance and health.


Today you need to be especially careful about what you say to others. There is a great risk of blurting out too much and giving out not only one’s own, but also someone else’s secret. And also be careful with strangers – the stars warn of a high danger of being drawn into some kind of scam.


Today you have to do a lot of routine, boring work. This can throw you off balance, but try not to get annoyed. The more actively you get down to business, the faster you will cope with them.

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Take care of your health, do not overwork, and if you feel unwell, try to turn things off as soon as possible and have a good rest. And also today it is worth avoiding crowded places, there is a high risk of contracting a viral infection.


Today it is better for you to recognize that not only you are right, and listen to the opinions of others. Moreover, you know the situation that will be discussed only from one side, and you still do not have enough information to draw the right conclusions.

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The more active you are at the end of the week, the higher the chances of a successful outcome. Be sociable, and be smart when unforeseen obstacles arise. And if you realize that you can’t do it yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Relax your defensive position – no one is going to attack you. And the criticism expressed in your address is quite justified and constructive. Therefore, hide the thorns, consider what has been said, and draw the right conclusions.

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The second half of the week will be marked by a powerful creative impulse – you will literally gush with ideas. Try to get the most out of this, and do not delay the implementation of ideas.


Wait for profitable business offers. Even if at first glance they seem to you not very successful, do not rush to refuse. Spend the evening with your family, and if you live away from your relatives, do household chores – there are a lot of them.

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