Horoscope for July 12th, 2023


Today, unforeseen expenses may arise that cannot be avoided. This can be an urgent car repair, household appliances, or an urgent visit to the dentist. And by the end of the day, information will arrive that will make you reconsider your views on some important issue.

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On Wednesday, Taurus will need to defend its interests. Do not allow yourself to give up, do not obey someone else’s will, clearly define the boundaries, and do only as you see fit. Do not be afraid to offend your opponent, he himself understands that he is not entirely right, trying to “bend” you.

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If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. You will deal with things for a very long time, doing them alone, and overworking will not have the best effect on your well-being. If you put all the work on your shoulders, by the end of the week you will definitely feel exhausted.

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On Wednesday, as rarely as possible catch the eye of the authorities and people who can “hang” business and obligations on you. Now you need to focus on your own tasks, but not be too zealous – your resources are not unlimited, do not forget about rest.


The favorable moment for establishing business contacts. Get like-minded people, and enlist the support of influential people. In short, “build bridges” with those who can help you when you need it.


During the day, you will receive information that will please you very much, and be prepared for pleasant surprises. In the evening, a chance meeting with a person from whom there has been no news for a long time is likely.

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A great day for virtual communication – today you have many chances to get like-minded people and new friends online. And lonely representatives of the star sign are promised a romantic acquaintance.


Do not hide from communication, accept invitations to visit, entertainment events and presentations, even if there is no particular desire – you are guaranteed to enjoy it. And also the day is good for romantic acquaintances and dates. Family Scorpio stars are advised to spend an evening with their soulmate.

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Engage in collecting information on the issue of interest to you. Today is a good day to consult with “knowledgeable” people. It is possible that you will receive not only comprehensive information but also wise, practical advice.

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Remember the folk wisdom that says that a good word is also pleasant for a cat – do not skimp on praise, thank you for your help and assistance. The good attitude of the people you deal with now will help you a lot in the future.

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Your emotional state today will go through both ups and downs. Great success in business is also not planned, therefore it is better to postpone all important meetings and negotiations. By the evening, you may feel a breakdown – rest and small pleasures like watching your favorite movie, spa treatments, delicious food or a leisurely walk will help restore them.


In the middle of the week, communication with like-minded people will bring you special pleasure and benefit. Try to find time for this, and take the initiative. And also this period is suitable for the beginning of training, self-development and spiritual practices.

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