Horoscope for August 4th, 2023


Expect good news today. Some tasks that seemed impossible to you will actually turn out to be much easier, and the ultimate goal is closer than you thought. In the afternoon, unexpected profits or financial assistance may arrive.


Use this day to clean up your thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Perhaps communication with someone around you has not been interesting for a long time, and you keep in touch out of habit. Think about whether it is worth spending more time on this person, maybe it’s better to devote it to more interesting activities.


Today you may encounter negativity from one of your colleagues. It’s not worth starting a showdown, treat the situation with humor. Seeing that the “poison arrows” do not hurt you, the provocateur will quickly lose interest in you.


Don’t let anyone shake your self-confidence! No matter how much you are convinced that your plans are too ambitious and doomed to failure, do what you have in mind. The road will be mastered by the walking one, and let the “well-wishers” doubt and wash your bones if they cannot find a more worthy occupation for themselves.


A great time to start learning, gain new knowledge, and improve skills. Good luck also accompanies those who pass exams, and defend a diploma or dissertation. The evening should be devoted to rest or activities that do not require great intellectual effort.


Friday will require you to be able to compromise. This will help you deal with current problems faster and get on with more important things, so do not be stubborn when it is not necessary. Do not waste time on unnecessary bickering, be able to negotiate.


Pay attention to how you feel – malaise may indicate physical and emotional overwork. In order not to aggravate the situation, include in the list of today’s tasks only those that really need to be done urgently.


On Friday, you will have the opportunity to receive financial assistance. But do not rush to agree immediately, carefully study all the conditions. Perhaps they are not as profitable as you thought at first.


On Friday, it will be necessary to take on the role of leader. Oddly enough, but active and strong-willed Sagittarius will not want to “steer” the situation and be the center of attention at all. However, there is no way out, suppress irritation and the desire to give up on everything, and act, you will succeed!


A great day for personal and business meetings, negotiations, and dates. Your communication skills are at their best today, and you will be able to make the best impression on everyone with whom you communicate.


Today you will understand that things that you doubted a successful outcome are turning out much better than you expected. To build on your success, enlist the support of an influential person who can help if needed.


At the end of the week, you will be constantly distracted by thoughts of some past mistake, resentment, or injustice towards you. If you immerse yourself in memories, you will bring yourself to emotional exhaustion. Try to “switch” to positive moments, and focus on today.

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