Horoscope for August 3rd, 2023


On this day, you need to act decisively and quickly – when a decision is made, doubts turn from good to evil. If you again plunge into reflection and again begin to weigh all the pros and cons, you risk making the wrong decision.


A long, painful, and incredibly boring day, filled with tedious, uninteresting things. Do not grumble – they also need to be dealt with. It’s better to try to do everything quickly, “roll up your sleeves” in the very morning, and not reduce activity, do not try to evade and again postpone these tasks for later, just waste your time. 


You have a very bad habit – you constantly underestimate yourself. Think about your past achievements, you certainly have something to be proud of! The stars advise you to reconsider your attitude towards yourself and believe in yourself, otherwise, it will be difficult to move on.


Today you will have the opportunity to rethink a lot and look at some things from a completely different angle. You can come to very interesting conclusions, which at first will seem crazy to you, but do not rush to dismiss the results of your reflections – there is some common sense in them.


On Thursday, you will encounter a provocateur who will look for a catch in your every act, criticize everything that you say and do, and in public. Hold back a formidable roar and briefly turn from the king of beasts into a scorpion – sting without too much noise, and, releasing the poison, leave with a sweet smile.


On this day, it is not recommended to argue with your superiors – you still won’t be able to prove your case but ruin your relationship. In order not to fall under the hot hand of the boss, try not to catch his eye at all today, if possible.


Today, the stars are waiting for you to be active and purposeful. Resolutely move towards the intended goal, not paying attention to small obstacles! Soaring in the clouds and indulging in dreams is also not the time – fully focus on what you are doing in the present moment.


Today it is worth avoiding stress, both physical and emotional. If possible, stay at home and rest today. And if you need to go to work, and you can’t take time off, try to have less contact with colleagues.


This day will be held under the motto “Every man for himself.” Do not expect help from others, rely only on your own strength. And choose non-standard solutions, template methods are ineffective today.


Today can make you very tired – you have to deal with a lot of urgent matters. At the same time, those who want to communicate with you will constantly interfere with you. Certainly now and not an hour later! In the evening, it is recommended to relax with a cup of aromatic tea. Or you can read a book, or watch your favorite comedy.


The stars warn of a high risk of becoming a victim of crime. Don’t “pick up” random fellow travelers on the road. Avoid contact with strangers, and keep an eye on things while in a public place. And women should not agree to dates with new acquaintances from the Internet.


On Thursdays, someone will make you nervous. It will be quite difficult to immediately reach an understanding and correctly assess the actions of this person. Treat the problem like the heroine of Gone with the Wind – think about it tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

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