Horoscope for August 2nd, 2023


On Wednesday, you need to show restraint – if they try to drag you into a conflict, resist to the last! You can even flee, in this case, it is not a weakness. If you get involved in a showdown, you will greatly damage your reputation.


If you feel unwell, do not consider it an accident – this is how your body signals some kind of trouble and asks for help. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases, it is possible that an exacerbation is not far off.


On Wednesday, the stars warn you against experimenting with nutrition. Tasting dishes that you have never eaten, testing new recipes, visiting catering outlets where you have not been before – all this is not for you today. The risk of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning, or acute food allergies is very high.


A good time to resolve legal issues, and paperwork, and visit government agencies. In the afternoon, there may be a need for unforeseen expenses – for example, household appliances will fail, and you will need to urgently buy a new one.


The day is conducive to communication, new acquaintances, dates, and establishing business contacts. Today you are very charming and very eloquent, which will help you to charm anyone without much difficulty!


In order to have time for everything and not forget about anything, plan this day literally by the minute. Toward evening, expect news from relatives – in the life of one of them, there have been changes that in one way or another concern you.


On Wednesday, it will be difficult for you to find a common language even with the closest people – as if people will stop hearing you. Do not plan any serious conversations and business meetings for this day, just waste your time and nerves.


Problems in the family will be solved much easier and without scandals if you listen to the opinion of your relatives. Do not be so convinced of your unshakable rightness, it is possible that in some matters your opinion is too subjective and biased. Try to look at the situation through the eyes of your opponent, and much will appear in a different light.


Are you ready to take on a new project with your inherent enthusiasm, start a business, or start learning? Such zeal is very commendable, but first, you should deal with the “tails” and previous obligations. Spend this day clearing up old rubble so you don’t waste time on it later.


If you have been thinking about building a house outside the city or buying a dacha, this is a good time to look for options. Just do not rush to choose, carefully study the offers, and do not rush to buy just because the price of the plot is below low – there may be a catch that you will discover too late.


On Wednesday, you will have to communicate a lot – negotiate, clarify a lot of issues, and deal with the reasons that hinder the process. In the afternoon, “showdowns” with family members or relatives are likely, and in the evening you will hear from a friend who is now far away.


Today you will be asked to participate in some activity. Even if you don’t really want it, don’t give up. This is a chance to make very useful acquaintances and prove yourself from the best side.

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