Horoscope for August 25th, 2023: allow yourself to relax!

Horoscope for August 25th, 2023: Allow yourself to relax! Relaxation and care for yourself will help you strengthen your health and regain energy!


By the end of the week, the risk of injury increases. Horoscope says that in order not to go on sick leave, astrologers advise avoiding increased activity, sports, and extreme entertainment. And for those who are engaged in physical labor, do not forget about the safety rules.


On Friday, Taurus should eat in moderation and try not to dine out. The stars warn of a high risk of food poisoning, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Devote the evening to planning the weekend – although the week turned out to be not very productive, you need rest.

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Today Gemini is able to move mountains, but only if they are busy with what they are really interested in. In the afternoon, wait for the news – in some businesses that you considered unpromising, there has been a shift.


Horoscope says that on the eve of the weekend, the “great do not want” will wake up with Cancer, and you won’t be able to put him to sleep again, no matter how hard you try. Go with the flow and put aside all the things that can be rescheduled, a break will not hurt you.


It’s no secret that Leos often uses personal charm to achieve business goals. But today this habit can play a cruel joke on you – you will awaken the jealousy of the second ladle. And not the fact that his. It’s possible that Othello will be the partner of the person you’re trying to charm, so be careful not to flirt too openly!

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Today you will need to gather all the will into a fist so as not to break loose. Things will constantly “slip”, plans will fail, and the people who promised to help you will “forget” about it. Call on restraint to help, if you start a quarrel, it will not get better. In the evening, find a way to relieve the accumulated tension – visit the gym, go for a long walk before going to bed, soak in the bubble bath.

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Problems in the family are likely – someone close is dissatisfied with you. Do not rush to dismiss claims, reflect on the situation. It is possible that your relatives have accumulated more than enough reasons to be offended by you.


On this day, the success of any undertaking depends only on you. More precisely, on your mood. Get down to business with the confidence that everything will work out – that’s how it will be. And if you succumb to doubts, failure will not keep you waiting.

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Today you may encounter the machinations of envious people and intriguers. By negligence, you gave them some personal information that these people will not hesitate to divulge. Don’t waste time throwing ashes on your head, direct your energy to deal with the negative consequences. And henceforth, be smarter and do not be frank with everyone you meet!


Saving, saving, and once again saving… And this concerns not only money but, above all, vitality and energy. Choose the most important and urgent things, and only deal with them, without wasting potential on tasks that can wait. And it is better to avoid shops – today you are prone to rash spending.

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Unfavorable time for any financial transactions. Investing in new projects, opening a savings account, buying real estate – all this is better to wait. And also you should not lend money, most likely, you will simply “give” the amount to the borrower.


The horoscope says that if the day is not set in the morning, try to postpone all important things for later. If you want to “break the backbone” of events and try to act as planned – suffer a crushing fiasco and spoil even what would seem impossible to spoil. This is the case when it is better to sit quietly in a corner and not make unnecessary movements.

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