Horoscope for August, 2023

Horoscope tells us that this month will not be the easiest period for most representatives of the sign. The last month of summer is full of contradictions, it requires endurance and quick adequate reactions to ongoing events. 


Taking into account the fact that August is also a traditional vacation time, many Aries will feel the accumulated fatigue, the desire to relax, to let all problems take their course. It will take a lot of willpower and physical resources to accomplish everything planned. Success awaits those who are used to controlling their own feelings, know how to give in, and soberly assess their strength.

Favorable days: 5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 17, 18, 27, 29

Unfavorable days: 1, 2, 7, 20, 22, 30

What awaits Aries in August 2023

The first half of the month will require patience and strength to achieve goals. The main attention is recommended to be given to self-development and strengthening of friendly relations. This will not be as easy as at first glance. On the way, there are many obstacles that will annoy and slow down the process. From the second half of August, all things will go uphill: it will be possible to complete even more than what was planned.

The period promises a lot of communication, including unsolicited advice and various informational noise. This will make it difficult to obtain valuable information, but the expression inherent in the sign will help overcome these difficulties.

Turn on a sense of humor more often so that everyday affairs do not turn into a routine and an unpleasant obligation. Be sure to reward yourself for every goal you achieve, no matter how small.

Love horoscope

Family Aries will experience a period of ups and downs in relationships in August. If you are not a fan of a violent showdown, make compromise decisions, try to smooth out any sharp corners, and not boil over every little thing. In the event that the spouse turns out to be a less virtuoso diplomat, it is advisable to distance yourself: more time to go about your own business. It makes sense to refuse joint rest, entertainment, and visits. Don’t dwell on problems and try to solve them with fake romance. Now is not the time for candlelit dinners, later everything will work out by itself and the relationship will be restored.

Single Aries can meet future spouses or enter into a long stormy romance. Passion can literally overshadow the mind, and this may not be very good for the future. Try not to drive the horses and calmly think at your leisure about the merits and demerits of your chosen one.

At the end of the month, news of some of the former fans is likely to be received.

Money and career

In the first half of the month, a large amount of money is likely to be received. It can be a big win, a reward for a completed project, dividends, debt repayment, or a gift from someone from wealthy relatives or friends.

Aries who have their own business are doing well in August, but there may be unexpected expenses for advertising and other expenses. Success awaits those who are engaged in intellectual activity or creativity.

Purchases and investments are recommended to be made in the second half of the month. You may be asked to borrow money. Please note that the return will have to wait a very long time, the borrower will be unscrupulous, break his promise or try to fraudulently appropriate the entire amount.

Serious changes at the place of work are possible: transition to a new position, reductions, reorganizations. You should not be afraid of damage, everything that happens will turn out to be good.


In August, it is useful to start a general recovery of the body: get rid of bad habits, start losing weight, and undergo a medical examination. Serious ailments are not expected, but previously untreated or chronic pathologies may make themselves felt. Try not to overwork, give up the habit of going to bed deep after midnight, and reduce your sugar intake.

To avoid nervous strain, regularly please yourself, and fulfill your little desires. Find an opportunity to devote at least 1 or 2 hours a day for complete relaxation, listen to pleasant music, watch your favorite series, or read.


For Taurus, the horoscope in August 2023 recommends that you moderate your activity a little and give free rein to your feelings. Excessive tension this month can exhaust the nervous system, and it will bring little benefit in business. The summer relaxation characteristic of most people will affect everything, especially in financial matters. All this predisposes to taking time out, devoting this time to a long rest. It would be ideal to go on vacation until September.

Favorable days: 4, 8, 12, 18, 22, 28

Unfavorable days: 2, 6, 10, 14, 20, 24, 30.

What awaits Taurus in August 2023

Since the energy in the last month of summer in Taurus tends to be zero, it is useless to push yourself to achieve new achievements. In order to accumulate strength and form a new motivation, it is recommended to devote more time to your own desires. Yes, yes, it is simply necessary to be lazy now. Everything that is connected with relaxation is most welcome now. Remember what you put off for later for several months: new series, buying a fur coat, your electronic library, SPA? Here, take care of all this. Especially if in the previous six months or more they didn’t get out of their daily routine, helped everyone and everything, or pulled a work, home strap.

Those rare representatives of the sign who did not have to devote themselves to work, defense, and solving family problems in previous months can devote time to self-development. Despite the summer, studying is always in trend. Learn a new specialty, improve your basic knowledge of your profession, and take additional courses. Choose what you are really interested in or need. Trust me, your hard work will pay off over time.

Do not get carried away with gossip about acquaintances and avoid intrigues of any kind. Wasting emotions, that is, one’s own strength, on something empty is now unconstructive. If you crave communication, pay more attention to your own friends.

Love horoscope

Family gatherings, conversations, and shared memories will energize those Taurus who have already acquired a second half. Do not neglect the minutes and hours that bring quiet joy and allow you to further strengthen the marital bond. No matter where you are: at home, in a hotel, or by the sea.

Some Taurus run the risk of falling under the spell of not-very-worthy people in August. It can be an affair with a picky, capricious, or lazy sissy who is not looking for love but wants to get comfortable on someone’s neck. Be more attentive to your new and old acquaintances – if there is such a person among them. Be choosy about trying to get intimate with you. Not everyone who stuffs himself into friends is worth such an honor from you.

Money and career

Think about how you can be useful at work without taking on most of the problems. Perhaps try on the role of a mentor, and share responsibilities with colleagues. Feel free to remind management of yourself more often. You clearly deserve more than what you have.

Savings that can now be put into circulation without the risk of ruin can be invested in shares. The investment promises to be very profitable. Just do not borrow large amounts, even if banks offer attractive rates. Have what you have.

Extravagance is now recommended to be avoided. It is better to focus on several rational goals: repair, purchase of necessary equipment, and cars. But the organization of magnificent celebrations for any reason should be postponed. In general, the situation with finances is favorable, but it is still undesirable to go too far.


In the first days of August, no health problems are expected. Possible banal fatigue from everyday affairs, meter sensitivity. Before the onset of autumn, it is still recommended to visit doctors for prevention, especially if you already have some chronic diseases. Particular attention should be paid to the nervous system, during this period the vulnerability to stress is increased.

With active sports, it is better to wait a little while. Don’t force yourself to exercise if you absolutely don’t feel like it. The body understands better than consciousness what it needs. Do not forget about the benefits of laziness, this is especially true for you.


August 2023 will be the beginning of a new period in life for Gemini. After spring tossing and summer upsurge of energy, the situation will finally begin to stabilize and calm down. It will finally be possible to come to a definite and stable position. But, before gaining a strong foundation, the representatives of the sign will still need to learn a lot of lessons and find themselves in a new situation more than once.

Favorable days: 5, 17, 23, 28

Unfavorable days: 3, 9, 20

What awaits Gemini in August 2023

April will be the month of the end of the big astrological cycle for Gemini. Many representatives of the sign will have a desire to spend more time with their relatives, perhaps even return to their small homeland for a while. The problems of the home and family will come to the fore, and all other decisions will somehow be connected with them.

Nevertheless, imagination and ideological potential do not dry out. Gemini still has a lot of projects in their heads that, if successfully implemented, can bring great results. In addition, there are many people around who can help with the implementation of the plans. It will not be difficult for representatives of the sign to convince allies – natural assertiveness and perseverance will help. The main thing is not to overdo it with these qualities, so as not to be branded as a tyrant and not alienate new comrades from yourself.

Love horoscope

Married twins may well expect good news about the imminent replenishment in the family. However, the aspect can play out in another way – for example, new people will simply appear in the house, relatives who have come to live for a while. For those who have not yet tied the knot, there may be a desire to invite their soulmate to move in with them.

New acquaintances in a romantic way can be somehow connected with a person’s work. It will not necessarily be an office romance – for example, a meeting on a business trip or acquaintance through colleagues is possible. In the beginning, such a relationship may seem difficult and even confusing – it is up to Gemini to decide whether to keep in touch. However, if the decision is positive, it is likely that everything will quickly settle down and get better.

Money and career

Financial issues in April will begin to attract more and more attention. Geminis are constantly thinking and looking for new ideas, not only about how to make more money but also about how to better manage the capital they already have. If a person is just entering an independent life, perhaps for the first time he will have to deal with independent earnings for a living and the need to plan funds. However, for other representatives of the sign, material issues in April will be key.

Studying will help you make the right decisions, or maybe even improve the situation, whether it’s financial literacy courses or starting university studies on a grant. No less useful will be travel and business trips. Help can be expected from close relatives. However, the Gemini themselves will have to be flexible in their thinking in order to succeed. The month is good for buying everything that makes a person mobile – cars, air tickets, or equipment for remote work. But it is better to postpone real estate transactions.


Health in April will not throw any unexpected surprises to Gemini, but planning the treatment of chronic diseases, or just trips to a sanatorium and other preventive measures is a good idea. It is also very important to give yourself enough privacy. There will be especially many thoughts in your head during this period, and it is important to allow yourself to immerse yourself in them properly.


The horoscope for August 2023 for Cancer does not recommend taking stock of business and relaxing. There is a lot of work ahead, which means the cost of material and energy resources. In general, this is a favorable, but somewhat hectic month. There will be a lot of chores around the house, financial issues will require decisions, and personal life may temporarily fade into the background.

Favorable days: 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 13, 17, 20, 23

Unfavorable days: 5, 10, 16, 27, 28, 29, 30

What awaits Cancer in August 2023

This month, Cancers will find themselves in various difficult situations, but they will be able to get out of any confusing situation. In this, they will be helped not only by the stars but also by their natural mindset, as well as an easy attitude to life and penetrating power. Representatives of the sign will fully justify the title of lucky ones. Many of them will be able to achieve a respected position, acquire new prospects, or quite tangible profits.

In the first decade, there are high chances for promising acquaintances with important people, good news from afar. Plans that you have been putting off for a long time will begin to materialize as if by themselves. The energy will literally be in full swing. Some Cancers will manage to improve relations with former enemies, which will positively affect their emotional state and attitude to life in general.

From the middle to the end of the month, it is recommended to be attentive to what is happening around you. There are likely intrigues behind your back, hypocritical statements, and attempts at deception. Do not enter into dubious enterprises, refrain from promises that you are not sure of. Several times your reputation will be in jeopardy, but in the end, you will be able to decide everything in your favor.

Be as friendly and polite as possible to casual acquaintances. Some of them will be very useful to you.

Love horoscope

The month favors marriages and the formation of long-term personal relationships. But despite such serious prospects, most Cancers will follow a natural tendency to adventure: rush from one extreme to another, let themselves be cold, or pretend to be indifferent. A love of intrigue and drive can interfere with the development of sincere feelings, offend your partner or scare off a fan. Be careful not to lose a potential lover.

Family Cancers should be more lenient towards the actions and words of the spouse and children. You don’t always behave perfectly either. Remember when once again family members received gifts, warm wishes, and pleasant surprises. Ask how they are doing. Relations with distant relatives also do not hurt to refresh, call them.

Money and career

Financially, things in August are not as rosy as many dreams. Therefore, you will have to save, choose priority expenses, and refuse expensive purchases. Circumstances will be especially constrained in the first days of the month. However, closer to September, the situation will soften somewhat. It takes a lot of effort to make this happen. It is not necessary to plow up a sweat, incomes can be increased by realizing creative potential, showing organizational and other abilities that Cancers do not hold.

In connection with the need to save money, it is important to include among the priorities the costs of improving one’s own qualifications and travel expenses. Freelancers and entrepreneurs should not be greedy for investments in their businesses, otherwise, they will only have to dream of high profits.


August for Cancers is a high risk of colds and problems with blood vessels. With this in mind, take care of your condition, do not overwork in the heat, and dress according to the weather. Turmoil and a series of events can provoke restless sleep. To avoid unpleasant visions and fully relax, avoid drinking coffee in the evenings, do not overload your stomach at night, give up overly emotional communication, and watch thrillers.

Take care of your skin: sunbathe only in the morning and at sunset, and do not forget about sunscreen cosmetics. Refuse traditional medicine, which is offered to treat burns and irritations. Pharmaceutics in this respect is much more reliable and safer.


Bright and ambitious Leo will be interested in the horoscope for August 2023. This is a convenient and easy way to plan the near future as successfully as possible.

Favorable days: 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13-15, 19, 23, 27, 30

Unfavorable days: 4, 9, 17, 21, 24

What awaits Leo in August 2023

The beginning of August will be a fairly calm and measured time for Leo. Representatives of this sign will have a chance to spend a week or a week and a half, doing long-planned and accumulated cases. Emerging force majeure now will not interfere with the phased implementation of plans. The first week of August is favorable for resolving all issues related to documents. Younger relatives, especially Leo’s children, may need attention, support, and help. The stars recommend showing special concern for the affairs, needs, and desires of family members.

The middle of the last summer month is the optimal time to change something. Success will be changed in the environment of the home, career, and for someone – in personal life. Everything that has been annoying for a long time, interferes, and has clearly outlived its own, should be removed now. The benefits of this will be much greater than the harm.

The end of August is a good time to return to long-abandoned projects, deeds, and undertakings. Now the implementation of all this has a good chance of success. But completely new ideas should be considered and analyzed for some more time.

 Love horoscope

Significant changes await in Lviv’s personal life. This also applies to those representatives of the sign who are in a long-standing relationship. First of all, these changes will affect fragile couples who have little to keep them together. The lions and their loved ones will face a difficult test. Its main goal is to answer the question “Should this relationship live on?”. If they stand the test, they will have a long future together. But the most important thing now is to accept reality as it is, to be able to hear and listen to the person next to you.

Lions who do not have a couple have a high chance of making one or more interesting acquaintances. But now it is very important to look at a potential partner soberly, without putting on rose-colored glasses. The stars remind you: it’s normal if communication with a handsome man did not work out. Perhaps it is worth talking with the next one – and this relationship can develop into something more serious.

 Money and career

The first half of August is optimal for completing the work projects, tasks, and tasks that have been started. All processes will go smoothly and smoothly, without major breakthroughs, but also without failures. The first two weeks of the month are the best time to finish the dragging, boring issues related to document flow, and bureaucratic delays. Communication with people related to work will be successful, whether they are bosses, business partners, or clients.

The second half of August is a good time for new beginnings regarding work. This is the optimal period for starting projects, outlining global plans and tasks, and thinking about new ideas. A job change will also be successful, especially if it was planned long ago and postponed for some objective reason. The last two weeks of August are especially favorable for Lviv, employed in the creative field, the field of beauty and health. Also, the work processes of Leo lawyers and those who professionally deal with finance will proceed successfully.


Health is what Leos should pay attention to in August. In the first half of the month, the risk of problems associated with colds and weakened immunity is increased. Avoiding these troubles is quite easy if you give your body the necessary time and attention. Healthy nutrition, a competent mode of work, and rest will help in this. The period is favorable for the passage of long-planned examinations, and visits to doctors.

The second half of August is the time when Leos must pay special attention to their food. The abuse of harmful foods and alcohol is not recommended. Simple and high-quality food will be useful. Timely, high-quality rest retains its importance.


A logical and reasonable Virgo will take an interest in the horoscope for August 2023 – it will help her plan her affairs, goals, and tasks for several weeks in advance.

Favorable days: 1, 4, 6, 9-11, 13, 18, 25, 28, 30

Unfavorable days: 2, 7, 15, 19, 22, 27

What awaits Virgo in August 2023

The beginning of the month will be an active and energetic time. The mental and physical strength of the Virgo at this moment will be on the rise. It is worth using the first one and a half weeks of the month in order to solve all the accumulated questions and tasks. Now almost all cases will proceed as quickly as possible, successfully, and with minimal energy consumption. Senior relatives of the Virgin can take part in her life, providing invaluable assistance. At the same time, the brothers and sisters of the sign representative may need support.

Mid-August will be a good time to start training. Professional courses or self-education – Virgo decides. In any case, information is now assimilated more than ever well and easily. Even one book devoted to the problems of professional activity can open your eyes to many problems that previously seemed unsolvable.

The end of the month will be a period of self-discovery and immersion. Active life in the outside world will now stop a little. The key questions will be Virgo’s inner self-awareness, her self-esteem, and thoughts about her own life path.

 Love horoscope

Virgos who already have a couple will undergo a kind of test at the beginning of the month. There will be a situation when you have to think: are these relationships desirable? Are they all good? If the answers to these questions are uncertain, Virgo will have to think and decide what can and should be done about it. Virgo’s partner will behave exactly as he should in accordance with his inner world. If the feelings were strong and lasting, and the relationship is built on sincere love and the desire to be together, the couple will go through this period easily and calmly.

Single Virgos will get a good chance to meet a bright, attractive, and unusual partner. This will not be a boring and predictable acquaintance. But what will come of it in the end – only time will tell.

 Money and career

The first half of the month is the time of Virgo’s increased activity at work. Now all things will literally “burn” in the hands, everything conceived will succeed easily and successfully. This period should definitely be used in order to have time to do as much important, necessary, and useful as possible. New project? Give me two! This is especially true for short- and medium-term initiatives. However, at the same time, the risk of unpleasant gossip and rumors in the work team increases. If possible, you should avoid “showdown” in the first two weeks of August.

The second half of the month is the best time to start training for work or at least sign up for it. Knowledge is now assimilated very well, new skills are easily mastered. A reasonable Virgo will not miss such a chance to significantly increase her professional value or get a specialty related to hers. Practices, internships, practical training, and retraining will also bring benefits. The last two weeks of August are extremely favorable for large purchases. It is especially good to buy equipment during this period, both household and personal. A radical wardrobe update is also a good idea for the second half of August. Items purchased now will be durable and of high quality.


Health is something that the responsible Virgo usually carefully monitors. And yet, in the first half of August, for the representatives of this sign, the risk of problems associated with accumulated overwork increases. In order to avoid them, the stars recommend Virgo a good and timely rest. Moreover, relaxation can and should be not only passive. Walks and outdoor physical activities are very relevant and useful in August. Aromatherapy will also be of great benefit.

The second half of the month is a good time to start adjusting your weight. Extra pounds during this period will fly away especially actively, if you make minimal effort. Walking in nature will also be especially useful.


August 2023 could be a time of some social withdrawal for Libra. Your own thoughts, aspirations, and problems come to the fore. Representatives of the sign will want to explore themselves better – any methods will be used from psychotherapy or meditation to passion for astrology and tarot cards. Creative energy will also be at its peak, and if the profession is somehow connected with art, you can expect a real breakthrough.

Favorable days: 5, 19, 22, 26

Unfavorable days: 1, 17, 23

What awaits Libra in August 2023

Already from the first days of the month, Libra will feel how their sensitivity has increased. This will manifest itself both in a positive sense – more sensitive insight, excellent intuition, the ability to reflect on everything around and a constant state of inspiration, and in a negative sense, provoking resentment, and increased emotionality. However, in the end, it is the aggravation of these qualities that will lead to making the right decisions both in life and in a career. Perhaps even building popularity.

In addition, August brings with it the energy of quite global changes, especially with regard to the place of residence. A move is very likely – not necessarily far, perhaps it will just be a change of apartment. Given the successful implementation of many projects and financial success, it is possible that Libra will change a rented apartment for its own real estate.

Love horoscope

August will not do without goodbyes – all unnecessary people leave the life of Libra. However, such partings will not become too dramatic, and those who still remain close at the end of the month will become a support for many years to come. For those who have already sealed themselves in marriage, the spouse will become a source of new opportunities in all areas of life. Also, it is in August that the long-awaited pets may appear in the House of Representatives of the sign.

New acquaintances for free Libra can result in a very sensual relationship filled with romance. Most likely, the meeting will take place in a circle of friends of interest or in some new place associated with creativity and art. Common hobbies will quickly unite partners, but such a connection is not based on crazy passion – rather, a mental intimacy built on common ideas and mutual respect.

Money and career

In financial matters, you should not count on outside help – you will have to solve any troubles that arise on your own. However, this is unlikely to become a serious difficulty, because the desire to earn and gain financial stability from Libra in August will only grow. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities around as well. As a result, representatives of the sign can find a new source of income, or even change their profession. It is likely that such changes will turn into real wealth.

Perhaps for some time, Libra will have to combine two or three jobs at once. The one that can be performed remotely from home will be especially effective. This format will be to the liking of the representatives of the sign because it will allow you to efficiently allocate your time and be alone with yourself more often.


In matters of health, throughout August, representatives of the sign will be thrown from one extreme to another. At the beginning of the month, Libra can become seriously concerned about the state of the body and start trying too hard to properly organize nutrition and daily routine. There may also be manifestations of suspiciousness.

However, by the middle of the month, such fanaticism will pass and give some rollback. Overeating and bad habits can take their toll and not be good for your health. You need to try to minimize the contrast and make your relationship with the body more stable.


August 2023 will be a month of change for Scorpios. You want to change your habits, your field of activity, and possibly your place of residence. For some Scorpios, the changes will not be so global, but they still cannot do without them. Most likely, you have long set a goal and made a plan. The last month of summer is a great time to implement your plans. True, the main obstacle to the fulfillment of a dream can be the surrounding people, who now and then make Scorpios doubt their own abilities.

Favorable days: 5, 14, 18, 26 August.

Unfavorable days: August 12, 23, 24.

What awaits Scorpio in August 2023

In the first decade of August, Scorpios will have to abstract themselves from public influence and learn to act independently. But do not forget about tact, especially when dealing with relatives. Don’t argue with your parents or significant other. At the same time, you can act as your inner voice tells you.

For many Scorpios, August will be emotionally unstable. You either feel uplifted and euphoric or fall into melancholy. Try not to grab all the opportunities at once and not make big promises. This is especially worth considering in the second decade of August when there is a great risk of going astray and putting your authority at risk.

The last days of the month are a great time to analyze life and remember that you can get pleasure not only from material things. To make sure of this, choose contemplative leisure: enjoy the sunset, wander the city streets, and visit exhibitions.

The success of many undertakings now depends on the ability to find a common language with people. Try to go out more often, communicate, and exchange experiences and ideas.

Love horoscope

August for Scorpios will be a month of love and passion. In the third decade of the month, lonely representatives of the sign have every chance of meeting that very person. It is highly likely that it will be one of our old acquaintances. And lovers can be at a crossroads: the relationship will either end or reach a new level.

Scorpios who are in a stable relationship should devote more time to household members. Be interested in their hobbies, allocate more time for joint leisure, get out together in nature, in general, and take an active part in their life. Such gestures will give an almost instantaneous return: children and a loved one will surround you with care and love. Now the atmosphere in the family largely depends on your person.

For many Scorpios, the end of August is associated with a cooling of feelings for a loved one or problems in relationships with children. Now it is important to distinguish between work and family affairs, allocating enough time to store the heart. Perhaps, for a while, you will have to abandon the usual dynamic rhythm in order to devote yourself to loved ones.

Money and career

August for Scorpio promises to be financially stable. Moreover, in the second half of the month, cash receipts from unexpected sources are possible. For representatives of the sign who are looking for work, the stars promise a new position with a decent salary.

There may be interesting offers from partners. Most likely, they will seem much more tempting than the current tasks. In any case, try to adequately assess your resources. Now Scorpios are especially prone to drop things after achieving the first results. And this can lead to problems with management and become a serious obstacle on the way up the career ladder.

The second half of August is a great time for business trips, in which you will acquire allies and useful contacts. All this can push emotional natures to radical changes in their plans and relationships with colleagues.

In the last days of August, it is important not to lose vigilance. You run the risk of facing opposition from enemies and rivals who can remember your past mistakes and use them against you. Be especially picky and meticulous when signing any documents.


Nervousness can become a permanent feature in August. Now quality rest is important: good sleep, less news, and more walks in the fresh air. Focus on relaxing treatments and try new things like aromatherapy, Creole massage, salt therapy, or acupuncture.

Any excess is dangerous: in August, limit yourself to moderate physical activity. It is better to postpone the conquest of new sports peaks for the next month.


In the horoscope for August 2023, Sagittarius is promised a lot of new and unusual things. This period will be similar to steeplechase when calm days give way to bustle and unexpected events. It will be very difficult to make time for your own desires. It is better to implement vacation plans later, at the end of summer it is unlikely that you will be able to go somewhere.

Favorable days: 1, 4, 5, 10, 13, 15, 16, 30

Unfavorable days: 11, 18, 20, 21, 23, 27, 28

What awaits Sagittarius in August 2023

The month will begin with a series of very active events, which will involve most of the representatives of this sign. The first decade is full of high-profile news that will affect all areas of Sagittarius’ life. At this time, it is desirable to submit to fate and follow the flow: the public will prevail over the personal. In the literal sense, this means that you will have to postpone your dreams and desires to a later period, taking up direct duties, and fulfilling your duty to the state, leadership, and loved ones.

It is not surprising if some Sagittarians want to escape from the routine and spend the rest of the summer on the shores of the warm sea. But the second and third ten days of August do not favor this. Vacation is recommended to be postponed until the fall, otherwise, most of the cases will come to a standstill and then you will have to spend a lot of effort on unraveling them. Brace yourself, you will still be able to catch up.

Love horoscope

Sagittarians who are in long-term relationships need to reconsider their behavior. Perhaps you find fault with your partner or make excessive demands. True feelings can be lost behind good intentions, and boredom and irritation are not the best advisers. Try to avoid disputes, reproaches, and long silence. If now you are not ready to gush with positive emotions, it is advisable to calmly wait out not the most fun days. Remember that a husband is also a person, and he has his own problems and desires.

Pay attention to the younger members of the family. Children may need your support, especially with school or preparation.

Free Sagittarius can receive unambiguous offers to start an affair. Pay close attention to the qualities of a potential lover: you may not suit each other either in aspirations or in character. The reasons may be hidden in the origin, mentality, and habits. For a short romance, this candidate is quite good, but nothing serious will most likely shine with him.

Money and career

Consider upgrading your skills or taking additional courses in a new specialty. This is all the more true if you are tired of the usual position, you are not satisfied with the salary, the position of colleagues, or management. In the turmoil of business that has fallen on you in August, do not miss the opportunity for professional development. It is possible that this month it will be possible to get a job abroad, this applies to Sagittarians who have an education in the field of IT, engineers, and teachers.

Do not allow large expenses for trifles. The construction of a home pool or a change of interior, the third in a year, may well wait. August does not promise unpredictable financial collapses, but luxury will not be affordable yet. Of course, if someone very rich does not decide to give you part of his fortune or leave an inheritance. But the chances of this, according to the stars, are few.


You will do the right thing if you start a course of recovery. The body is now experiencing serious stress, the same can be said about the nervous system. But don’t try the dubious practices from the Internet space, trust the good old methods: sleep more, move more actively, do morning exercises, limit alcohol and coffee.

In the middle of the month, a favorable period will come for changes in appearance. You can safely dye your hair, and go on a diet. The main thing is not to overdo it: the results should bring joy, and not plunge into discouragement.

Sudden weather changes can cause dizziness and blues in the last days of August. Fight bad health not with the help of energy drinks, but with positive thinking and a healthy daily routine.


A practical Capricorn will certainly take an interest in the horoscope for August 2023 in order to build current plans, set goals and objectives for the month.

Favorable days: 3, 5, 8, 12-15, 18, 22, 26, 29

Unfavorable days: 1, 6, 16, 24, 27

What awaits Capricorn in August 2023

The beginning of August will be a busy time for Capricorn. Topics from previous months, such as personal life and relationships with relatives, remain relevant. The stars warn Capricorns about the increased likelihood of conflicts in the family in the first week of August. They can be avoided only by maintaining maximum tact and showing understanding to all close people.

The middle of the last summer month will be the time for a long-awaited respite. Things will not end, but they will pause. This is a great period to rethink the direction of your movement. Also relevant will be the issues of the environment: friends, acquaintances, and business partners. Capricorn will have a chance to see some of these people for who they really are. What to do with the new information is up to him.

At the end of August, issues of work and career will become especially relevant. A project or idea that has been put on the back burner and unrealized sometime by coincidence will acquire significance. Now is the time to bring it back to life and try to embody it. The stars predict success in new endeavors, job searches, and employment.

Love horoscope

Capricorns, who already have a soul mate, enter the period of a new “honeymoon”. August, especially its second half, is the best time to refresh and strengthen the senses. Do not miss this opportunity to understand how much you love each other. A date similar to those that were at the beginning of a relationship, or just a cozy evening together – it’s up to you. This period is also favorable for joint acquisitions with the second half, large purchases “in the family.”

Lonely Capricorns in August may pay attention to modern ways of dating. Yes, a chance to meet on a walk is romantic, but its probability is not so high. Relationships that have grown out of simple communication of interests or from online dating are a much more common and realistic story. Have an interesting hobby? Great, it’s worth asking the people who share it. It is highly likely that Capricorn will at least have something to talk about with a new acquaintance, and a spark between them can run at any moment.

Money and career

The first half of August for Capricorns will be marked by some stagnation in the field of money and work. The efforts made will pay off – but this is not being realized now. All planned or simply desired changes will be postponed, and the solution to all issues will be delayed. The holiday season will play a significant role in this. For Capricorn himself, a vacation will also not be the worst decision, since serious progress in business during this period is still not planned. It is worth paying more attention to what was said at work – there is a possibility of rumors and gossip. Also, during this period, excessive workload is not recommended – it can harm health.

From the second half of August, a significant rise will begin in the working affairs of Capricorn. This period is favorable for starting new projects, large tasks, starting part-time employment. The efforts made in the previous weeks and months will finally begin to bear fruit. The end of August is favorable for changing jobs or positions. Business trips and work trips will also be successful.


In the first half of the month, it is especially important for Capricorn to pay attention to their mode of work and rest. Excessive processing or other significant load will be harmful in the first half of August. The best solution would be either a vacation or if circumstances do not allow, a reasonable alternation of load and relaxation after it. The need for a good night’s sleep and active rest is increasing.

The second half of August will be a more energetic time. It is also a good period to start long-term work on your body, start a health-improving diet, and a cycle of physical exercises.


In August 2023, the family and all the moments associated with it will come to the fore for Aquarius. In addition, you will have to seriously address issues related to the place of residence. It is possible that these facts will be connected – for example, representatives of the sign will understand that they are ready to start their own family and, for this, they will start looking for an apartment, and maybe their own house with a plot.

  • Favorable days: 4, 11, 16, 24
  • Unfavorable days: 2, 12, 22

What awaits Aquarius in August 2023

At the end of the month, all kinds of entertainment will become the center of life for Aquarius. It can be both vacation trips and just visiting excursions, walking with friends, and going to clubs and cafes. Such moments present a lot of opportunities for new acquaintances, and the representatives of the sign literally amaze them at first sight, as a result of which they are surrounded by fans, sometimes quite influential.

But not all new meetings will necessarily result in a romantic relationship. Some acquaintances will eventually turn into friends and very close ones. Connections can significantly change the life of Aquarius and even inspire them to study some new specialty. Such a decision will certainly not only be successful in the long run but also bring a lot of fun and new experiences from the first days.

Love horoscope

Free Aquarius in August is waiting for a whirlwind of love adventures. There are many dates, and unexpected declarations of love from old acquaintances, and fleeting flirting. Moreover, such feelings will develop not only in informal conditions but, quite possibly, in a working environment.

But with established relationships, everything will be a little more complicated. In August, Aquarius will become less balanced and more quick-tempered than usual – their harsh words can lead to conflicts and resentment. A sharp increase in the circle of friends can also have an unfortunate effect on relationships. New acquaintances often seem more attractive than the second half, the relationship with which has already lost its former colors.

Money and career

In August, Aquarians unexpectedly receive serious financial support from partners. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that this will happen in a serious and permanent relationship – a rich admirer may appear who will be happy to spend money on a loved one without even receiving reciprocity and clear answers. Both assistance in individual situations and full material support are possible.

But this does not mean at all that representatives of the sign will have some problems with their own income. On the contrary, financial opportunities are pouring in from all directions. Aquarians may well expect a salary increase, and maybe even large financial gains. For new projects, especially creative ones, sponsors and patrons can easily be found. The main thing is to competently take advantage of such a good period and not allow squandering, but create savings.

Against the backdrop of organized financial security, Aquarians may feel a strong desire to change jobs. Moreover, the transformation can be very radical – up to a complete change in the scope of activity. You may have to initially go through a training period to do this.


The health situation is extremely positive. Representatives of the sign feel great, energy is at the highest level, and old diseases recede. If earlier a person was tormented by some symptoms, in August they are likely to disappear.


For most Pisces, the horoscope for August 2023 promises an interesting, albeit difficult period. In the last month of summer, you will have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel in order to realize your desires, not miss opportunities, and succeed in business. Long and short trips are expected, with a lot of communication, news, and versatile connections.

Favorable days: 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 16, 19, 25, 26

Unfavorable days: 3, 8, 9, 14, 22, 23, 29, 30

What awaits Pisces in August 2023

The first decade of the month is full of impressions and events. Many Pisces will feel the urge to plunge into their abyss but will lack energy and physical strength. Such a contradiction will force the representatives of the Water element to seek the patronage of powerful people invested with great power. Because of this, many ambiguous and even strange personalities will appear in the environment. Be careful when leading a social life and meeting new friends. Among them maybe not too honest, and sometimes outright adventurers.

In mid-August, a calmer period awaits, it will be possible to put a lot on the shelves, get rid of unnecessary contacts and complete what was started earlier. At this time, it is recommended to develop new plans that can be quickly implemented. Confusion and uncertainty will recede, and there will be a chance to prove yourself. Various scientific or creative projects will be especially successful.

Love horoscope

Some Pisces will find with annoyance that their actions are sometimes ahead of their thoughts. Because of this, they will find themselves in a piquant situation: they can have a violent relationship with the wrong person, give reckless consent to marriage, and even enter into it without really understanding the partner. Start counting to five before announcing your decisions, take breaks in communication at any convenient or inconvenient occasion, and do not be afraid to seem slow.

In the family of Pisces, disputes over trifling matters are likely. It will seem that the spouse does not understand you enough. Do not insist on your decisions, quarrels will not lead to anything constructive. Better resort to diplomatic tactics. It is not necessary to tell your partner everything that you think about him and what you are going to do. You are adults, you have the right to be independent.

During the month, Pisces will receive many passionate confessions from open and secret admirers. This will add confusion to their restless thoughts.

Money and career

In terms of finances, this month is ambiguous. In the early days, Pisces will be able to start a promising project: at work, in business, freelancing, or other profitable activities. But the leapfrog of the August events will force you to repeatedly change plans. Because of this, the expected income may sink. However, from the middle of the period, things will gradually improve, and an unexpected business trip or business conversation is possible, as a result of which there is a chance to receive a serious sum of money.

The third decade promises to be almost stable in all respects, but there is a risk of falling for the bait of scammers. Do not be reckless, check all incoming messages, filter information, do not use dubious promotional offers, and stop gambling.

August is not a very favorable month for large investments and taking loans. Try to pay off your existing debts, and start saving money. There is no need for austerity, especially if you act prudently and refuse unreasonable expenses.


Do not abuse alcoholic beverages, coffee, and fast food, no matter how much you want. All this will not have the best effect on your appearance, and most importantly: it can undermine your already fragile strength.

Not the best time to master extreme sports, take care of your muscles and joints. The calmer your leisure time during this period, the better. Do things that make you happy. Visit the dentist and orthopedist, because of the general turmoil, you forget about your chronic problems and you can make new ones.

Be careful about cosmetic procedures, even with proven masters. Eyelash extensions, tattooing, and other traumatic manipulations are best postponed for the time being, allergic or inflammatory processes are possible.

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