Horoscope for August 17, 2023: carefully consider who is your friend and who – enemy!

Horoscope for August 17, 2023: carefully consider who is your friend and who – enemy! Learn to trust yourself and your intuition!


The day will be successful if you have enough self-control not to quarrel with someone close to you. You easily lose your temper and find fault with trifles. I want to be praised, but instead, they criticize me. Don’t wait for any support, but focus on your daily tasks. In the evening you can drink, visit an interesting place.


It’s time for business communication, strengthening old ties, and searching for new ones. Useful acquaintances are waiting for you, a meeting with a person who can play an important role in your career. Show force. In the evening, a wonderful romantic date can happen.

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Your vulnerability and sensitivity can be taken advantage of by people who were just waiting for a moment of weakness. It is recommended to communicate only with a close circle. Logical thinking works well, it is possible to solve complex problems.


A favorable day for love, and everything related to personal life. Singles can meet a future partner. You will receive support from friends and relatives. Feel free to ask for help.

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The day is pretty hectic and you need to keep your composure. Do not make hasty decisions, take time to think about the situation. It is useful to draw new information for yourself and to learn. Mutual understanding will improve with the second half. You can strengthen relationships.

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In the morning you are lucky and fruitful. You can devote time to solving controversial issues, and problems, or go shopping. The second half of Thursday will be tense. Disputes with others are not excluded. It is better to spend the evening at home, relax, and unwind.


A busy day awaits you, full of interesting surprises, news, and meetings. Plans will change over and over again. To be able to do anything, you need to stop fussing. Take control of your emotions.

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Most likely, you have to deal with other people’s problems. There is no time left for your own affairs, and this makes you nervous. There is a risk of making gross mistakes. Your motto today is to drive more quietly, you will continue. In the evening you can receive news that will greatly please you.


Morning absent-mindedness will adversely affect business. Be careful. It is not recommended to change plans. The evening is perfect for meeting with friends, having fun, and communicating.

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It is important to prioritize correctly. You won’t have time to do much, but one significant thing is enough. Trouble awaits at home. Probably family members will ask for help. Try to do everything. If invited to a social event, do not linger and do not drink alcohol.


Everything is going well, but the mood can be unstable. You are deliberately pissed off to feed on energy. You need to rethink your circle. In the afternoon, cash receipts are likely. A date with a partner will be as rich and passionate as possible.


Morning hours are unfavorable: conflicts with loved ones are likely, and difficulties in business. It is better to spend time in the gym. After lunch, the forecast improves. You are waiting for the successful completion of something important, good news, or a pleasant surprise.

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