Herbalist’s Fertilizer That Makes Vegetables Grow Like Magic

Useful fertilizers will benefit plants even in the summer. Especially if it is hot and dry. Experienced gardeners and gardeners know that plants need to be supported now in order to get a rich harvest in the fall. We understand together which fertilizers are ideal for each vegetable or fruit. Moreover, we have learned a recipe for a simple fertilizer that will definitely be useful for both vegetables and flowers.

Useful fertilizers

For each month of summer, experienced gardeners have their own processes for caring for their plants. For example, in July, green spaces need nitrogen more than ever. This useful substance will help the plant gain strength, and become more fleshy and juicy.

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Experts advise increasing the frequency of watering the site but with the addition of cow manure. After all, this fertilizer will help increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil. It is enough to dilute the mullein with water in a ratio of 1:10 and water the beds with it. Please note that for a 1 sq. m plot with vegetables will need 500 ml of this fertilizer.

July Action Plan

Experts advise not to forget about mineral fertilizers for beds. July is often a rather hot month, but, in addition to watering, you also need to organize quality food for your future harvest. In addition to mullein, chicken manure or ash can be used for organic feeding. This is especially true for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Cabbage is also in dire need of your summer support. For her, it is worth picking up a special complex fertilizer in a store for gardeners and gardeners. But after 2 weeks after such a fertilizer, it is worth loosening the ground and sprinkling it with ash. Next, you need to pour plenty of cabbage so that the ash is absorbed into the ground and subsequently, the vegetable is juicy.

Useful fertilizers based on bread

It would seem, well, how can bread help your site? But in fact, bread contains such a useful element as yeast. Lightly fermented yeast also contributes to the release of nitrogen, which is essential for vegetables. But do not overdo it: the formed fruits no longer need a lot of nitrogen.

Useful bread fertilizer can be used not only for vegetables and fruits but also for flowers. Prepare ⅓ buckets of dry bread, 10 liters of clean water, some freshly cut grass, and Baikal EM-1 concentrate (optional). This fertilizer contains live bacteria that promote plant growth.

Mix bread, water, and grass. You need to leave this fertilizer for several days in a dark place and wait until fermentation begins. How much to add “Baikal EM – 1”, it is better to find out from the sales assistant in a special store. It will help you calculate the right amount of this product for your fertilizer.

The fermented mixture should be filtered. Send the grass to the compost pit, and add another 2 liters of water to the remaining liquid. The resulting fertilizer can be watered with flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, and peppers.

Instead of bread, you can also use the usual special live baker’s yeast. It is enough to dilute 100 g of such yeast in 10 liters of water and leave it in the sun. As soon as you notice that small bubbles have appeared in the water, you can begin to fertilize the vegetables. You need to use about 500 ml of this healthy cocktail for one bush. After the fertilizer has been absorbed, it is necessary to water the processed vegetables abundantly. The next day, you can loosen the ground to make it easier for the plant to germinate.

A rich harvest for hardworking gardeners

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Thanks to such simple, but very useful fertilizers, you will get a wonderful harvest. Visit thematic sites on the Web, because there are experienced gardeners and gardeners can share their own experiences, life hacks, tips, and interesting solutions. What’s more, summer is ending too quickly, so make sure you start preparing for the harvest slowly.

We sincerely wish you success in a rather difficult field, because working with the land is not easy. But we are sure that you will definitely be able to harvest a great harvest of various vegetables and fruits. It just needs a little more work. And delicious cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, and zucchini will definitely not keep you waiting long.

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