Fire Element: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

People of the fire element are distinguished by their stormy temperament, flexible intellect, and quick temper. Often people of the Fire signs of the zodiac act first, then think.

They are characterized by quick decision-making, rash actions, and adventurism. Having done something wrong, they do not repent and continue to stick to their line. They always strive to be ahead of everyone, and for this, they constantly want to improve their skills, acquire new knowledge and learn. People of the Fire Element are endowed with curiosity and the talent to manage. They rarely listen to other people’s opinions, trying to do everything their own way, while proving to everyone their strength, intelligence, and abilities.

Possessing an explosive character and a confident life position, the signs of the Fire Element very often attract the admiring glances of the opposite sex. They are distinguished by increased sexuality, which attracts people. Almost always, people of this element are the soul of the company. There are always a lot of people around them, and they cannot endure loneliness for a long time. As a rule, all fire signs have incredible luck. Representatives of the Element of Fire are constantly trying to lead and command. They try to take leadership positions everywhere: in the family, at work, in the campaign of friends, and even in those areas of life in which they themselves do not really understand. Fire signs simply cannot live without attention. They constantly need communication, a change of scenery, and a type of activity.

To build a family, it is better for fire signs to choose people from their own Element or from the Element of Air. Air gives Fire the opportunity to burn for a long time and flare up even more, which means that the union of these elements promises to be strong and long. Marriages and friendships can be destroyed if the Fire Element unites with the Water Element. Water extinguishes Fire, and puts obstacles in front of it, thus such a couple cannot exist for a long time. Neutral and fairly harmonious relationships are among people of fiery signs with representatives of the Earth Element.

The signs of the zodiac belonging to the Element of Fire differ among themselves in the degree of temperament. Aries has the hottest temperament among the Fire signs. They are very self-confident and endowed with an incredible drive to achieve their goals. Leos are less impulsive and are characterized by the consistency of their decisions and actions. Sagittarians are changeable characters. Today, the fire burns in their eyes, and tomorrow the look goes out.

The main advantages of the signs of the Fire Element are attractive appearance, charm, determination, leadership qualities, courage, sociability, and optimism. The disadvantages include irascibility, inconsistency of actions, high self-esteem, stubbornness, and fixation on one’s person.

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