Financial horoscope for the week from March 18th to March 24th, 2024

I deciphered the secret clues of the stars and prepared a financial horoscope for this week. This time promises to be quite dynamic and interesting in money matters for many Zodiac Signs.

Mercury is in a good position now, and we take a lot of energy from Venus, so everything should be fine. Be careful on March 21 and 22. On the 21st, a dangerous aspect of the conjunction of Venus and Saturn awaits us – a very lazy day. But on the 22nd, Mars will begin to negatively influence you and me, so for many, it can confuse financial cards. Things will go worse from March 22nd for those who program themselves for poverty.

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For Aries, much will depend on how their activities fit into general trends. If you don’t plan too important things or major purchases for these seven days, but take a short break or take a vacation, the result may well be pleasing. Against the background of the aspects and transition of Mars, there is a general decline in activity, so Aries will not lose anything if they set a course for quiet affairs or relaxation.


This week Taurus may feel the pressure of circumstances. The right strategy is to devote a week to professional self-improvement and advanced training because later they will need all this. It is also recommended to listen to wise people and pay attention to little things, watching everything that happens around you and keeping an eye on things. You will probably notice something valuable.


Geminis risk jeopardizing their position at work if they take avoidable risks. The aggressive influence of Mars suggests that now is the time to consolidate successes, and not to chase something unattainable. In order not to drive yourself into stress, you should take events, ideas, and incoming proposals calmly. You need to be careful and not borrow money.

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Cancers are advised to get rid of thoughts that attract poverty and concentrate on work. Yes, Cancers are now in good professional shape, so self-confidence and calmness are very important. Their work may be noticed and appreciated. Bold initiatives are not worth it: Cancers have time to make themselves known. Starting on the 22nd, financial decisions and ideas may encounter unexpected obstacles.


The planets will open up promising opportunities for representatives of this Sign. Both businessmen and hired workers can be very lucky, especially on days enhanced by the energy of Mercury. Until March 21 inclusive, Leos will see an increase in income, a promotion, a new position, or even a new job. From the 22nd you need to be more careful and make decisions on your own, maintain prudence, and fight the euphoria of previous successes.


Thanks to the activation of the patron Mercury, Virgos can count on a serious increase in income this week. Decisions made before March 21 inclusive will be especially financially promising. Virgos will need initiative, self-confidence, and diplomacy. Past mistakes can also make themselves known. In order not to remain among the laggards, representatives of the Sign need to deal with stress and make informed decisions.

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This week, Libra should hold off on large expenses and purchases on credit and start saving or investing money profitably. For money to increase, you need to be as responsible as possible. The main thing is not to be lazy – Venus is strong, which means that burnout from overwork is minimal. There may be profitable offers that will bring profit but will require powerful dedication.


Scorpios can expect a slight decline in business activity from March 22nd. I advise doing routine things this week. You can invest in self-education or advanced training – this will help your career growth in the future. Serious success awaits Scorpios who work for themselves. However, at the end of the week, there is a risk of making an emotional decision that you may regret in the future.


The week will be rich in events in the professional sphere, so I advise you to be patient – something interesting awaits Sagittarius. However, this only applies to those who are serious about income growth and career success. If there is desire and dedication, a promotion in position and an increase in income are possible. You can spend part of the money on entertainment.

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Capricorns will most likely have a lot of interesting things in the area of ​​work and money. Moreover, everything will happen spontaneously. Long-term negative consequences are not expected, but it is better not to take risks. Healthy optimism will save Capricorns in many situations, but anxiety, fear, or uncertainty will negatively affect their earnings. This is true for Friday and Saturday. In the first four days, the situation will be more favorable.


For Aquarius, everything will start on the weekend – before that, there will be days of build-up, which can be spent on collecting information, monitoring, analysis, and useful communication. The placement of the planets is favorable and therefore will give representatives of this Sign the opportunity to think carefully about their next steps so as not to miss the chance to get rich. At the beginning of the week, Aquarius will receive great news: the probability of being in the right place at the right time is very high.


The most significant events of the week will take place not in the area of ​​money, but in personal life. If Pisces manages to find a middle ground or somehow connect work with home, the period will become very productive. You can look for a money hobby, think about a family business, or find a profitable part-time job. If problems arise, it is better not to look for those to blame and not to shift responsibility onto other people. This will destroy the reputation of Pisces in the team.

Several signs from the Universe warn of imminent profits, and this week it is important to notice these clues. This will allow you not to miss opportunities to get rich. We wish you good luck and stability, as well as a successful meeting with negative Mars on the 22nd.

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