Financial horoscope for the week from August 28th to September 3rd, 2023

The financial horoscope will tell all the Signs of the Zodiac the shortest path to financial success at the junction of summer and autumn. The advice of astrologers will also be useful in difficult situations. Try to follow the advice of the experts this week so you don’t make a mistake.

Astrologers advise getting rid of negative thoughts and programs that hinder your movement toward your goals in work and the financial sector. Mercury can make it much more difficult for you and me to work on ourselves and acquire new knowledge, so it is advisable not to rush into learning. Setting yourself up for success will be difficult, but possible. In this regard, communication with successful people will help you.


Aries should be more careful in business and at work, because ill-wishers may appear on the path of life. Self-righteousness is the best friend for people of this Zodiac Sign. In general, the week will be positive for hard work and planning. Astrologers note that you can plan your vacation right now, and think about where to get gifts for the new year.


The financial horoscope says that it is better for Taurus not to invest in repairs or purchases of real estate. It is worth avoiding communication with deceitful and unreliable people. Astrologers advise you to surround yourself only with those who can be completely trusted. At the end of the working week, unforeseen financial delays are possible, as well as the emergence of various obstacles to solving work and business problems. During this period, it is better not to spend a lot of money.

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Money this week will love a responsible Gemini who doesn’t save anything for later. Experts recommend that these people trust their intuition more often. The sixth sense will allow Gemini to solve any financial troubles deftly and without wasting energy. These people will be able to strengthen their positions in business and at work, reach heights in hobbies, and find new sources of income.


Cancers need to free their minds from negative emotions because they will greatly hinder success in the financial sector. The path to success is through getting rid of negativity. This will allow you to succeed in creativity, and start a new business without delay. Also, astrologers advise people of this Sign not to rush when making decisions. You need to act, listen, and look closely at the world around you and everything that happens around you.

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This week, Leos will be able to get rid of everything that prevents them from achieving success in the financial sector, but for this, you need to be more critical of yourself, which is not so easy for Leos. This is a good time for introspection, self-improvement, and search for motivation. As for plans for the week, it is better not to reveal your cards to others, as there may be a hidden ill-wisher among them.

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Financial horoscope says that shopping is favorable for Virgos, so on the weekends you can go shopping, and splurge on important things for yourself and for the house. Representatives of this Sign can become ideological inspirers for others but do not forget about your own interests. At the end of the week, astrologers advise spending part of the time and money on entertainment and getting positive emotions.

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Already in the first days of the week, laziness and apathy can attack Libra, which will significantly reduce productivity. Close people and the search for new motivation will help fight this scourge. The stars and planets are not in the best position right now, so in some situations, it is better to use the advice of colleagues and loved ones. It’s also not worth spending money on meaningless purchases yet, but you also don’t need to put yourself in a rigid framework.


Scorpios are often considered by astrologers to be among the strongest spirits in the zodiac. If these people want something, then they can’t be stopped so easily. Financial horoscope advises this week to act exactly according to this scheme – if something does not work out, then you need to try again. Perhaps in some situations, it will be useful to show cunning and apply charisma and leadership qualities.

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Sagittarians at the very beginning of the week may have new ideas about how and where you can earn more money. In an attempt to find a new source of income, it is better to bypass the recommendations of others. It is desirable to show independence and maximum responsibility. One of the conditions for financial success will be a good mood, which should be shared with colleagues and partners.


For Capricorns, financial success from August 28th to September 3 will directly depend on optimism. Chatting with friends will help to cheer up and recharge your luck. The end of the week is quite suitable for shopping and making important deals, and it is better to deal with paperwork at the beginning of this seven-day period. It is better to follow the rules and not make hasty decisions. Astrologers also advise taking criticism calmly.

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People born under this Air Sign should show less negative emotions towards colleagues and partners. Aquarians are often aggressive, but during these seven days, it is better to solve all your problems quietly and without nerves, without becoming personal, competitive, and excessively impulsive. Peace of mind is now above all because in this state it is more difficult to make a mistake.


For Pisces, financial success will directly depend on interaction with the right people: inspiring, kind, and responsible. Also during these seven days, astrologers advise to devote more time to self-development, gaining new skills, and learning. It is not worth the risk, because even a small negligence can cost a lot of money. It is also highly undesirable to lend and borrow money.

Mars will make us lose confidence in ourselves. If you feel that you lack this faith, take the help of affirmations for success and wealth. With constant use, they will not allow the appearance of negative thoughts. Money loves optimism and healthy self-esteem.

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