Financial horoscope for the week from August 21st to 27th, 2023: challenging week!

financial horoscope

The advice of astrologers contained in the financial horoscope will help the Signs of the Zodiac to choose the right direction in order to quickly achieve success. The financial horoscope for the week says that in the period from August 21st to 27th, everyone will be lucky if they do not ignore what is happening around them and stop procrastinating.

A big problem for the financial sector will be the retrograde of Mercury, starting on the 23rd. There will be almost no support, but this does not mean that the planet will, on the contrary, interfere with us. Rather, its goal will be to raise rates. Idlers will lose their money, and responsible people will learn what success is. The main thing now is to remember how to restore strength.

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Aries should listen to themselves this week and not ignore emerging ideas. The influence of stars and planets can be used to your advantage by expanding your horizons and trusting your inner instinct. Improving their financial situation will help the use their innate talents. It is unlikely to be easy because Mercury will weaken this week. There may be situations when you have to choose in which direction to move on.


It is possible that there will be an opportunity for additional earnings, but for this, you will have to sacrifice rest and personal plans. The planets will help Taurus find a way to increase income, but for this, you will have to work hard and not put off solving important issues in a distant box. It is unlikely that you will be able to relax properly between August 21st and 27th, but you should not make a tragedy out of this. Activity in the business sphere will allow you to enter the autumn period without debts.

financial horoscope
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Gemini is recommended by astrologers to fight laziness, which threatens to arise due to a lack of strength caused by the weakness of Venus and Mercury from the 23rd. At the end of summer, weakness is felt especially sharply, but in order to exclude the outflow of finances, one will have to endure. It is worth taking more time to rest. The will to win and the fight against the desire to spend money on unnecessary things will help Gemini to save and increase their savings.


The financial horoscope recommends that Cancers avoid online sites where it is so difficult to resist buying another unnecessary thing. The week from the 21st to the 27th is unlikely to seem easy, and the negative influence of Mercury and Venus will be to blame. Already from Monday, you need to stick to the plan and abandon impulsive actions. This will not only save savings but also increase your capital.

financial horoscope
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This week, astrologers recommend to Leo not to cut off the shoulder, abandoning the thought of giving up everything and having a good rest. Patience and hard work will help you overcome temporary hitches and financial problems, as well as find a way to get not only profit but also pleasure from work. Many Leos are in for a change, and in order for it to be pleasant, you should not give up on the extra load.

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Active work in the business environment will bear fruit at the end of the week. Astrologers recommend developing talents and making new useful acquaintances. Training should be temporarily postponed due to retro Mercury. Goodwill and a positive attitude will help Virgos to cope with difficulties. Material wealth will directly depend on the chosen strategy, which means that it is not advisable to rush.

financial horoscope
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The financial horoscope recommends Libra prepare for an increased load from Monday to Wednesday. During this period, the activity will achieve the desired and quick results. Responsibility will help to cope with responsibilities. The second half of the week Libra should be devoted to advanced training. Luck will be on the side of Libra, but they will need not only the support of capricious fortune. It’s important to be active.


The main enemy of Scorpio from August 21st to 27th in the financial sector is uncertainty. Communicating with the right people and refusing to indulge in weaknesses will help them cope with them. The most favorable time for improving the financial situation, astrologers call the first two days of the week, when the energy of Mercury has not yet had time to deteriorate with retrograde motion. This will be a time of successful transactions and purchases.

financial horoscope
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The energy of the planets this week can cause Sagittarians to go down the wrong path, so it’s best not to listen to intuition for now. It is advisable to rely on personal experience. Such tactics will help you not to make mistakes and not to stumble when solving important financial issues. Any action should be balanced, and then it will be possible to spend a week without risks and problems.


The energy of the planets will help Capricorns to resume previously abandoned cases and succeed in the business environment, especially since they will not rush to conclusions and will not be led by someone else’s opinion. In this case, financial success will not keep you waiting. It is advisable to follow the planned plan and not turn off the chosen path. Such a decision will favorably distinguish representatives of this Sign, which will have a good effect on career growth.

financial horoscope
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Those Aquarians who are true to their word and do not quarrel for no reason with clients and colleagues will be able to get an increase in salary. Representatives of this Sign can easily find an additional source of income. In this regard, it is important to develop talents and not refuse tempting offers. Active work will take a lot of time and effort, but the efforts will pay off.


Financial luck will smile at Pisces if they refuse to take risky actions. The destructive energy of the planets can push for spontaneous actions, which is fraught with the loss of money. In the week of August 21st-27th, it is worth trying to find gaps in the budget, as well as ways to eliminate them. It is worth being attentive to the environment. Colleagues can be manipulative. The financial horoscope for the week says it is important to be careful about sharing your plans, as well as learning how to say no.

Astrologers recommend that we all gather strength and work hard not only to improve our financial situation but also to have time to put an end to our affairs this summer. It is better to go into the autumn period without debts and headaches and also adopted six secrets of wealth.

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