Financial horoscope for the week from 17th to 23rd July 2023: it will be hard work to achieve goals!

This week the sphere of work and finance will be especially relevant. Auspicious time continues, so representatives of many Zodiac Signs will have the opportunity to find new sources of income and strengthen their positions in business and work.

Mercury, which moved into Leo last week, sets new goals and challenges for us. Achieving well-being and prosperity at this time will be possible only through our own efforts. Try not to wait for a miracle – even on the days of power on the 20th and 22nd. The stars and planets will not tolerate dishonest actions and laziness on our part, therefore astrologers recommend honest work, helping others and not refusing selfless help ourselves. Also, try to develop new talents in yourself. The stars will help us speed up this process.


Aries need to use all available means in order to increase income and attract more money luck in their lives. It is important to work more, be less lazy, and also use simple money rituals more often. Any methods will be useful, so you need to act. You can also safely plan business meetings. Aries can lose their savings due to inexperience or succumbing to dubious persuasion to invest in an adventurous business. Closer to the weekend, Aries can safely spend part of the money on themselves: buy new clothes, change their image.

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If Taurus wants to find a new job, then it’s time to show increased activity for this. For all those who are now full of energy and desire to work, it is important to remember the most “money” colors from the point of view of feng shui. It is necessary to dress in clothes of such shades as often as possible – and not only now, but also at any other time. It is possible that Taurus will need the support of loved ones. The activity of Mercury will help in the implementation of the plan. The main thing now is not to get angry because of the inability to quickly complete the planned tasks. Haste will lead to mistakes and loss of funds.

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An important factor for active work and good results for Gemini will be motivation. In the period from the 17th to the 23rd, it is useful to set clear and achievable tasks for yourself and draw up an action plan so as not to lose sight of anything. Discipline will be the first step to gaining financial independence. In addition, you can use three mudras to attract abundance and wealth. It is likely that Gemini at the beginning of this week will feel a powerful surge of strength and a desire to actively begin to fulfill their professional duties, looking for a new job.

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Astrologers recommend that representatives of this Sign spend more time outdoors and follow the daily routine. So Cancers will be able to quickly bounce back if there were any problems before. Risks are useless now: you should not invest in dubious projects and transfer them through third parties. A careful attitude to finances will make it possible to invest in a profitable business in the near future. Maybe you need to lower your spending a little. Anyone who wants to grow in terms of career should use the appropriate affirmations. Faith in yourself is extremely important.


Leos are often referred to as typical procrastinators, and this is often true. This week it is better to have time to complete all your work and financial affairs, because then you may not have the strength for this due to the retrograde movement of Venus. Now, the positive influence of Mercury and some other planets forms a favorable time to think about changes in the financial sphere and in life in general. If Leos are not satisfied with the job or position, they may consider new opportunities: think about changing jobs or moving to another city. Such decisions should not be spontaneous.


Virgos should not act on their emotions. They don’t take risks right now. People of this Sign will have time to deal with past mistakes and make a plan for further actions, including outlining things that will help open their own business and increase cash flow. Financially, you may need help from your close relatives. It is better not to refuse their help and good advice. Also, in order to maintain monetary luck, it is important for Virgos to overcome emotional problems, if there are any, of course.

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For Libra, this week will be extremely lucky in terms of work and finances. You need to be more modest and in no case ascribe to yourself other people’s success, since this can greatly harm karma. Let the successes be modest, but they will be their own. Libra night luminaries will bring a great energy boost. They will be able to quickly engage in the most intensive business mode and have time to complete many tasks of various kinds. In order for things to go uphill, you need to use the previously acquired knowledge and skills. Still do not count on help from outside.


The energy of the planets will help Scorpios make the right choice. You can do budget planning and moderate shopping. You can buy everything for the house. Spontaneous spending should be excluded so that by the beginning of August you will not be left without a livelihood. According to forecasts. This will be a very lucrative time for Scorpios who spend a lot of time driving and traveling. All who work intellectually should fight four bad habits that impair memory. Great success awaits Scorpios, who clearly see their goals and are clearly aware of their capabilities.

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For Sagittarians, this week will be a very dangerous comfort zone. These people are rarely in it, but if you suddenly want to give up everything, waving your hand, it’s better not to do it. Financial success will come to those who will be as active as possible and try to become better. This is a great time to gain new knowledge and skills. The positive energy of Mercury will help them in this, structuring thoughts. It is necessary to pay attention to serious matters in the morning hours when the brain is especially active. No need to grab onto several things at the same time, otherwise you can earn overwork.

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This is a favorable week from a financial point of view, but Capricorns do not need to give in to the impulse to spend their savings, otherwise, they will most likely have to borrow money later. The stars promise big profits to everyone who works hard, but any work activity should now be measured. To work more efficiently, it is important to get rid of seven things that destroy energy. The stars want Capricorns to take care of themselves, and spend some money on their loved ones. The main thing is not to follow the lead of someone else’s opinion, so as not to regret it later.

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Aquarians in work and the financial sector as a whole should pay attention first of all to the most responsible assignments. You can start compiling a shopping list, and assess the scale of already committed expenses. Financial abundance will come only to those who are full of positive thoughts. The energy of Mercury will help you get started in an organized manner and eliminate any mistakes. It is necessary to become more active, but do not forget about a good rest. Work will not go anywhere if you do it in a strictly allotted time. It is also important to fight habits that turn a person into a loser.


Pisces who are struggling with luck should take advantage of seven quick magic rituals for success in any business. They will help them save themselves from problems of any nature. Astrologers advise Pisces to avoid negative thoughts. No need to do self-digging. It is important to start implementing the plan, and already from Monday. In the work process, it will be important to apply a diplomatic approach. Thoughtful fulfillment of their duties will lead Pisces to financial success, and impulsiveness will contribute to the appearance of errors, especially when working with numbers.

Many Zodiac Signs will be able to increase income this week from the 17th to the 23rd, set new goals, and find motivation. We all need honesty, hard work, and a positive attitude. You can also try to surround yourself with things that are money magnets. Good luck and fair financial wind.

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