Financial horoscope for the week from 10th to 16th July, 2023: this week will be challenging in the financial sphere

The material world is under the influence of planets and constellations. Money luck comes only to those who know how to spend and earn money correctly and interact with the night luminaries. The financial horoscope will help you succeed in this.

In the period from July 10 to 16, representatives of the zodiac circle should begin to act. Monday will be a good day due to the strong aspect of Mercury and Pluto, and on Tuesday Mercury enters Leo, which will save us from problems with money, motivation, and productivity. This week will be a springboard for landing into the world of wealth and abundance, but for now, it will take a lot of effort. Luck will be on the side of those who know how and want to work.


Aries will have a fairly productive and dynamic week ahead, so there is a chance that not only more money will appear, but also more stress, new tasks, and problems. The second week of July will develop for Aries in a positive financial way if they try not to plan anything in advance. Now it is important to act on inspiration but without risks. In each case, new pleasant circumstances may arise that destroy plans, but open new financial doors.

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Taurus needs to learn how to quickly adapt to new conditions. This will be a time when circumstances can develop in unpredictable ways. Mercury will manage the financial flows, which is very good, but we must not forget about Neptune, which will continue to be at the peak of its retrograde. Therefore, surprises for Taurus can be both good and bad from a financial point of view. Unforeseen expenses may occur and advantageous offers may arise. The main thing is not to get lost when the changes hit your head.

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Gemini should clean up the workplace at the beginning of the week. This should provoke an increase in motivation and productivity. Especially against the backdrop of Mercury returning to life. This is a great week for gaining new knowledge, business trips, and financial investments. Mystical and incredible coincidences can often occur around Gemini, which will make financial life easier. If Gemini is concerned about how to make more money, they will succeed.

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Cancers may not be able to understand why the Universe rewards them so generously with financial success and success in work, but you don’t need to think about it either. It’s better to just enjoy fortune and not try to understand that it’s simply impossible to fully understand. Astrologers warn that ambitions can skyrocket, but not everyone will be able to prove their worth in the future. To make more money now and in the future, it is better to take your time and be extremely careful.


Leo can take a short vacation to take a break from the financial and work hustle and bustle. For anyone who will work hard and who needs help, it is better to ask for help or advice from people in a more influential position. Mercury will be strong, so Leo will not be able to absorb the problems of the financial plan. To make everything work out, you can use rituals for success. Now you can take care of yourself by spending a little money on the transformation of appearance, updating your wardrobe, on travel, and entertainment. It will also be useful to invest some amount of money in creating comfort.


Virgos will probably have to spend a lot of money this week. There will be both important and forced expenses, as well as unnecessary, unpredictable ones. Special financial amulets will help get rid of unnecessary expenses. Astrologers advise Virgos to play by the rules. Planets will require accuracy and order, especially in matters of a monetary nature. You have to become more prudent. Many things this week can tempt representatives of this Sign with easy prospects, but success is not easy – this should not be forgotten. You need to keep a sober head and not succumb to momentary weaknesses.

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The selfish actions that Libra will commit this week will repel the creative spirit of Mercury from them, and with it, financial luck. It is better for Libra to try not to refuse people during these seven days. Who knows – maybe in the future it is from those whom they help now that help will come in those matters that will ensure financial stability. All Libras who want to get rich need to work harder and use prosperity spells more often. This will help them increase their income without putting in much more effort. Money loves Libra. You just need to love them back.


The coming week will bring a lot of financial news, opportunities, and events to Scorpios. Ahead of them is waiting for intensified work on themselves and their lives. In these seven days, which will be held under the guidance of the favorable energy of the planets, Scorpios will be able to learn exactly how to achieve success now and in the future. Secret knowledge will be revealed to them. To put them into practice, you need more energy and motivation, and affirmations for success will help you get it. Mercury will have a beneficial influence, which is enough to set the Scorpios in the mood for success.

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Sagittarius will have a period rich in luck and optimism. We need to act and not be afraid of change. This week, a significant and very important event may occur in the financial life of Sagittarians, which will open up new financial and business opportunities for them. Therefore, astrologers advise us to follow the clues of the stars and intuition. Sagittarians need to raise their energy vibrations in order to have a more powerful impact on those around them. They expect abundance and generosity from the universe. The planets will help overcome doubts and contradictions that lead you astray.

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The coming week will help Capricorns deal with financial and business plans for the future. It is possible that they will be able to find a new source of income that will increase their income. The awakening of internal forces can be slow, so to speed up this process, you should use the Pranayama breathing technique. Of course, enrichment will not happen immediately – for this, you will have to work hard, which is not a problem for people of this Sign. Luck will be with them, so if they manage their time correctly, they will be able to lay a good foundation for enrichment.

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This week, Aquarians have every opportunity to become richer. True, you will not be able to fully experience the result of your labors immediately. Now Aquarians are on the verge of discoveries that will please them a little later. In these seven days, you need to try for the benefit of your happy and comfortable financial future. You can look for new sources of income and not be afraid to get rid of what prevents you from getting rich. It is extremely important to remember that the law of equivalent exchange is most relevant now. Overestimation of opportunities and greed can deprive Aquarians of stability and firm self-confidence.


Astrologers advise Pisces in difficult situations not to give up and not to give up everything at the most crucial moment. Before making an important financial decision, you need to weigh everything properly. If they are overwhelmed by doubts, you can turn to loved ones for help. The main thing is to follow creative thinking in order to attract money with the power of thought. Astrologers advise Pisces to be socially active this week. It is important to do what they do best – be creative and resourceful. So they will receive recognition, as well as the opportunity to increase their financial income.

Money is not a source of happiness, but only good fuel. You should not make financial prosperity the meaning of your life, but without it, life can be difficult and unpleasant.

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