Energy vampires hide in plane sight

Today, energy vampires are a fairly common phenomenon. Among them may be our loved ones, relatives, work colleagues, neighbors. Contacting them, we involuntarily begin to feel a loss of strength, lack of energy, and emptiness. This means that the vampire is sucking energy and sometimes he doesn’t even suspect it.

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Energy vampires are generally divided into two groups: solar and lunar. Moon vampires are those people who can make us feel pity or hostility. They constantly complain about life, whine, and ask for help. Their goal is to make you feel compassion and empathy. For example, an old woman on public transport asks you in a plaintive voice to give her your seat. You let her sit down, and then the most interesting thing begins: having started talking to you, she begins to develop her topic and remember her old times while pressing on the pain points of unwitting listeners. Some lunar energy vampires act more aggressively: they can threaten, intimidate, and exaggerate any unpleasant situations.

Solar energy vampires are characterized by increased aggression. If lunar vampires get into your soul “from afar,” then solar vampires directly shower you with insults, are rude for no reason at all, and constantly spoil your mood. Their main goal is to get you emotional, to make you “go crazy.”

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Their most common methods are rudeness, lies, aggression, blackmail, and malicious sarcasm. Sometimes energy vampires can combine all these methods, which greatly enhances the impact on the victim.

Energy vampires can influence us not only through direct contact but also through the Internet. A person who lacks energy can perfectly fuel himself on the World Wide Web on various forums and social networks. To do this, he can choose a specific role for himself. For example, introduce yourself on a forum as a “poor lamb” looking for pity and compassion. Naturally, everyone feels sorry for her, consoles her, and encourages her, while losing their energy. Another type of energy vampirism online is a deliberate manifestation of aggression. This vampire is always rude to the participants in the conversation. He brings out emotions and conflicts in his interlocutors.

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The only method of dealing with energy vampires is to ignore them. If you avoid the influence of a vampire in every possible way and avoid him, he will switch to another victim and leave you alone. In addition, you can respond to rudeness and aggression not with the same rude words, but, on the contrary, use your entire set of friendly phrases. For example, you can respond to an insult with wishes of happiness and health. This will discourage the energy vampire and push it away from you.

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